REVIEW: Ultra, an unbeatable cost-effective notebook

by Kelvin
REVIEW: Ultra, an unbeatable cost-effective notebook

At a competitive price for the Brazilian market, the 100% national Multilaser Ultra has an intermediate standard and an exclusive key to access Netflix

Aiming to benefit the consumer who spent the last year at home, the Ultra Notebooks, the national brand of corporate notebooks, expanded its product line and introduced new models for retail that arrive with decent technical specifications and a very competitive price, just under a month ago. There was a partnership with the giants Intel and Microsoft, resulting in powerful machines with seal Ultra.

Design and highlights

The Ultra has a screen Full HD in 15.6 inches, a processor Intel Core i5 of the tenth generation (integrated Intel Iris graphics), 8GB of RAM and 240GB of SSD storage. Such specs translate into a machine that is always at your service, as the SSD has fast boot and write/write speed, and a screen that can hold more than needed for work and leisure activities. In parallel, we have the processor and RAM memory to handle any multitasking in your routine.


In terms of design, the Ultra it has a very stylish silver casing, with a not-so-discreet “Ultra” engraved on the lid. Perhaps its biggest differential is its keyboard, since, being a national notebook, we have no economy in including all the keys and accents (live the “ç” and the brackets, often remapped when we have a foreign product), in addition to the right side numeric keypad.

Another point that draws attention is the button Netflix pasted to the spacebar, a physical key that serves as a shortcut to the streaming service. In fact, this is very useful for marathon runners on duty. Finally, regarding its connections, we have: an HDMI output, a dual USB, Micro SD card input, Ethernet port and headphone jack (P2).

screen and audio

The Ultra’s 15.6 Full HD (ie 1920 by 1080 pixels) screen is great, with comfortable brightness even outdoors. The viewing angles are surprising, making it possible to leave it on the table and even connect it to an external monitor without any problems – even as a “second monitor”, the notebook’s screen is excellent in a setup in home office. Color and contrast result in an ideal product to also be enjoyed during leisure time.

The audio delivers the expected basics, good enough to distinguish different layers of a song or dialogue/soundtrack in a Netflix series. A single nuisance is that it is slightly off-center: the pair of speakers is in the center and to the right of the screen. Anyone facing the Ultra may notice a slight stereo sound drift, which can break the immersion depending on the content being watched. Fortunately, the P2 headphone jack lets you plug in your favorite one.

Performance and drums

As a default in our tests here at Showmetech, we’ve done the benchmark from Ultra with the famous software Cinebench, derived from the modeling program 4D cinema. In it, we have the rendering of a scene and we see the computer’s score to indicate how good the processor’s performance is. O Intel Core i5-5257U (at 2.7GHz) did 1352 points in the multi-core test. It was in these tests that we first heard the fan being turned on – otherwise, in everyday tasks, the Ultra is silent.

By reference, a good result single core it usually says how agile a computer will be when running/opening programs, for example. O multi color it is for more arduous tasks like exporting a video or rendering an image – as in the case of Cinema 4D. As we know that the Ultra’s proposal is to be a versatile device for leisure and work, it is clear that the test was made hoping to show the maximum performance of Intel. Because of that, we say that he did very well.

Cutting to the chase: the Ultra’s battery lasts about 5 hours. in our tests benchmark most demanding mentioned above, we saw an average that went from 1% spent per minute, but in the basic tasks of browsing the internet, accessing social networks and watching videos on the YouTube, an entire afternoon has gone by with him far from being taken. Because the charger is standard three-pin 20A (the bigger one, popular with microwaves), unfortunately I needed an adapter to connect the Ultra to the outlet closest to mine. setup current. Slightly inconvenient, but something manageable.

Value for money and completion

Ultra is officially sold on the Multilaser website or at Submarino, being found from BRL 2,969.99. Its cost-benefit ratio is great, especially when compared to other notebooks with the same proposal (and similar specifications). Because it’s a brand national, we see a highlight of the product, which had its “portfolio revamp” ad just over a month ago, matching the values ​​of competitors.

On the company’s website you can also find other products from the Ultra line, such as Mini PC, O All in One and other notebooks with configurations other than the Ultra tested by us. Special highlight to the Ultra 500 model with 480GB SSD and an Intel i5-10210U, whose suggested value is R$3,999. So, what did you think of the notebooks Ultra? Let us know in the comments below!

Ultra technical specifications


Operational system

RAM memory

Internal Storage



Intel® Core™ i5-5257U (3M Cache, 3.10GHz)
Windows 10 Home
Gigabit Ethernet Network Connection Dual Band Wireless Network IEEE 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.0
PriceBRL 4,049.00