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Sleep-related deaths, including SIDS, kill around 3,500 babies in the United States each year. Because changes in breathing levels are an early sign of difficulty, parents perform nightly rituals to monitor their children every hour or so by the ups and downs of their chests. Although only a small percentage of children will actually be affected by something like SIDS, their uncertainty causes more parents to experience anxiety, sleep deprivation, and postnatal depression.

The founder of Smart Beat and his wife are such parents. He created Smart Beat as a way to convince parents that their baby was breathing safely without the annoying ritual of getting up and going to daycare to monitor the child. Although it looks, and in many ways works, like a conventional baby monitor, it also tracks your baby's breathing and informs you of any troubling changes.

smart rhythm camera on the wall

The Smart Beat camera can be wall mounted on your child's crib, but does not require the baby to wear anything and is not dependent on any accessories in the crib with the child.

That in itself is not a novel. Monitor older babies as they are popular Angelcare product lineDo the same with a motion detection mat placed under the crib mattress. Sends a warning if your child stops moving for more than 20 seconds. There are also newer, portable products, including smart diaper cutouts, jumpsuits and socks, that do everything from tracking stomach movements to measuring blood oxygen levels and heart rate.

But Smart Beat doesn't require you to introduce anything to your baby or crib, which always carries risks. Instead, it analyzes the color changes at each pixel in the camera image to recognize movement. He does this 20 times every second, and because Smart Beat can identify over 16 million colors, it can detect subtle breathing movements that are almost impossible to feel when you're standing in a box, let alone look for it on a video screen.

smartbeat 2

Smart Beat monitors your child's every breath and provides real-time data in a companion app.

If you're really fluent with smart home cameras, setting up the Smart Beat will take a long time. Plug in the camera's base station and connect to your router's ethernet port, download the companion app, and follow the on-screen instructions to add the camera to your network. Smart Beat has the added advantage of voice guidance that lets you know when each step was successful or not. I have a working system in a few minutes.

The next step is to put your baby in a crib and Touchez on the app to start monitoring. This app will ask you to select an area in the grid above the camera image so that you know where your child is in the frame. Then press the "start breathing control" button.

When Smart Beat analyzes your baby's movements, you can see his breathing statistics in real time in the app. If you stop breathing for more than 20 seconds, Smart Beat will sound an alarm on your mobile device, even if the device is in sleep mode or the sound is turned off. You can also set a warning to notify you when your child's breathing is irregular or has fallen out of the specified range, and when he wakes up and falls asleep or forgets to arm the monitor.

I think Smart Beat Breath Monitoring works accurately and reliably, but I have never asked parents to rely solely on my anecdotal evidence. So, it should be noted here, that Smart Beat has been tested in a breathing simulation lab at the Mayo Clinic, the University of Minnesota and the Intermountain Health Center. Currently undergoing clinical trials at Lake Forest Hospital at Northwestern University.

While this feature impressively overcomes the most dire situations parents can imagine, they are likely to use Smart Beat primarily as a video monitor. Luckily this is very good. Remarkably sharp HD live streaming with rich, accurate, contrasting colors and good lighting in day and night modes. Two-way conversation lets you listen to your child and reassure him to fall asleep with his voice, and shooting allows you to save the funniest moments from videos right on your phone or tablet. The camera can also be rotated 355 degrees from a distance to get a panoramic view of your child's room.

smart rhythm settings

You can configure various alerts in the Smart Beat app.

The Smart Beat app provides tools to control these features in the least intrusive way. They appear as overlays when you touch the camera's power and fade when you stop using them, returning to your little one's full screen.

Priced at $ 249.50, Smart Beat isn't cheap for baby monitors, but most parents would say the peace of mind it provides is far more valuable than that. Also consider that it is not necessary to retire when your child exceeds the bed. Smart Beat can monitor everything you breathe, and the company says its customers use it with their young children, school-age children, older parents, and even pets (I use myself as a test subject and it works very well). Since families who have members with disabilities or respiratory problems like emphysema and apnea can also benefit from Smart Beat. With such utilities, Smart Beat seems like a pretty smart investment.

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