REVIEWS Tronsmart Element T6 Plus: A Bluetooth speaker you will absolutely love

by Kelvin
REVIEWS Tronsmart Element T6 Plus: A Bluetooth speaker you will absolutely love

Although relatively unobtrusive in Slovakia, Tronsmart offers several exceptional products that slowly but surely also win the hearts of Slovak customers. One of them is the Element T6 Plus Bluetooth speaker, which we tested last month.

The Tronsmart Element T6 Plus has a cylindrical shape, giving it plenty of room for all the important parts and looking world-wide. Its construction at the first touch acts premium. I had the same feeling from analog control on top of the device. The wheel has well-defined volume levels and even offers the ability to click to activate one of the functions such as start or stop playback or even answer a call.


Tronsmart T6 Plus

The price: 60 € | coupon: 3JHR4ISF

A small disadvantage is the fact that the water resistance is slightly affected due to the wheel. However, the T6 Plus has been certified to IPX6, which means he can handle the summer show without any major problems, and that's more than enough for such a small speaker.

On the bottom of the speaker you will find rubber feetthat makes them stand on any surface firmly and mainly, it does not slide. The legs have one more important role – do not choke the lower converterwho is responsible for the beautiful bass.

T6 Plus is also not different built-in equalizer profilesto improve the audio track you are playing. There are vocals, 3D Deep Bass amplifying bass and Extra Bass, for an extreme dose of low frequencies.

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Tronsmart T6 Plus: Portable power bank

At Tronsmart they tried and the small speaker could scream to the fullest to the point that no one could be in the room at full volume during the test, just me. Respectively. I will say otherwise. Not that they don't want to, but they worry about their hearing. 40 W the power of two stereo changers and one subwoofer is easy sound one medium room. You can also use it on the terrace or in the gazebo, where it will take care of the musical delusion according to your taste.

Due to its popular price, the T6 Plus offers very decent equipment, even when it comes to ports. He misses charging over USB C (3A). Its built-in 6,600 mAh the battery can power not only the speaker itself, but also other devices such as a smartphone. If you're running low on battery, just plug the phone into the T6 Plus and he'll do the rest. Finally, of course, there can be no slot for microSD cardif you don't want to listen to songs via Bluetooth.

You can also find in the package 3.5 mm male-to-male cable to connect to your smartphone (if it still offers this feature). To switch between the different playback modes (Bluetooth, microSD, 3.5mm) use the "M"Located just above the power on / off button.

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Tronsmart T6 Plus: Seamless connectivity

The T6 Plus also has a function True Wireless Stereothat is designed to connect two identical speakers and created a network to listen to the same content on both devices at once. Unfortunately, I had only one speaker to test, so I can't sign under the functionality of this claim. However, I do not see why it should not work.

I tried connecting to the Tronsmart T6 Plus at Galaxy S10. Note 9 and Huawei P30 Pro a everything worked without any problems. The only drawback can be absence of aptX or LDAC codecs, which will surely hit many (hidden) audiophiles, but believe me, for ordinary listening is more than a candidate.

The battery life of the manufacturer has been set at 15 hours at 50% volume and to be honest, he set it up accurately, because I measured the same stamina. At higher volume and on 3D Deep Bass of course, the stamina decreases and you may end up closer to 5 hours. But everything depends on how you use it.

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Tronsmart T6 Plus: Verdict

What, then, to conclude? First of all, the Tronsmart T6 Plus intended for the 'normal' consumerthat doesn't suffer from supporting all codecs and whose ears don't resemble bats. If you need a loudspeaker for a summer party, family gathering or cooking companion, you have found it.

I also liked the fact that in today's digital era, at least one manufacturer incorporated the design of his device analog controlthat will not lose your fingers. And finally, the rich equipment (USB C, etc.) just underlines the good price / performance ratio this piece.

For me, the Tronsmart T6 Plus is an absolutely successful speaker that would "feed itself" in many households.

We bought the Tronsmart T6 Plus from the store where it is sold for 60 €. Use a coupon when making your purchase 3JHR4ISF. Speaker is sent from the Polish warehouse.

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