Riot Games resolves the class action lawsuit for sexism

by Kelvin
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In May, more than 150 Riot Games employees They protested outside their offices in Los Angeles. The protest was intended to expose the "culture of corporate sexism", in addition to condemning the forced arbitration of employees who filed a class action lawsuit at the beginning of the year. Today, the editor of League of Legends announced that "they reached an agreement to resolve the class action lawsuit against Riot."

Riot Games' problems were made public last year, after Kotaku published an investigation into alleged sexism: the story includes interviews with 28 current and former employees. How the demand negotiation was not finished, it is not known if the results were positive for the plaintiffs.


The CEO of the developer comments: We are grateful for each Rioter who has presented their concerns and we believe that this resolution is fair to everyone involved.

From Riot Games they have reported that they have been working to address the underlying problems behind this and other lawsuits against the company.

Sexism has been present for a long time in the video game industry. The “crunch” has also been of public interest lately, where both employees and consumers notice that it is unhealthy to force employees to work many hours to reach delivery dates. And while the words of Riot Games seem very distant to an apology, hopefully negotiating the demand will help create a better relationship between the company and its employees.

What do you think of this problem of Riot Games?

Source: Engadget

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