Riot Games: The creators of League of Legends announce new games!

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Riot Games: The creators of League of Legends announce new games!

The Evo Championship is a place where the best players have the opportunity to show their worth in battle games. Growing up each year, thousands of fans watched intently every game.

However, this year is a little different. Not in the part of the tournament itself, but because of the curious announcement … However, before the tournament, Riot Games, creator of the famous League of Legends, revealed that he was working on a new battle game!

There it is, entering tournaments like Evo. But we will explain below.

After all, what was revealed about this new Riot game?

Riot Games does not want to reveal too much information about its new title. Also because it is not over yet. However, we already know that it is being developed by Radiant Entertainment, a Riot Games studio that was purchased in 2016.

Riot Games: The creators of League of Legends announce new games! 1

As such, there is no possible release date, not even the title name, yet to be revealed. Also, fans have been warned not to expect the game to launch soon. Because it won't actually happen!

This is what Tom Cannon of Radiant said:

"We will reveal information about the game. But not immediately."

GRID – New title game screenshot released

Although not much information has been revealed, Riot Games claims this will be the title of the battle genre!

Riot game

Once completed and announced, this game will be part of the Evo tournament, because this event is for fighting games only. Furthermore, it is also known that some characters in the title may have appeared at some point in some studio games.

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Namely, can we see some League of Legends characters implemented in this new game?

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