Risk of Rain 2 comes surprisingly to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch

by Kelvin
La guía del gamer.

Risk of Rain 2 is a game that belongs to the action genre with important elements of rogue, and has just been announced from nowhere to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game was Early Access on Steam for months but there were no indications of a launch for consoles, in fact, the plans of the study were to update the game to be able to devote to other projects.

Apparently they changed the order in which they would do things because console ports are available right now and now they plan to focus on updating the game for this "complete" as such.


Risk of Rain 2 comes surprisingly to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch 1

Development in progress

And is that Risk of Rain 2 is a title that was raised from the beginning as a game as a service, at first it would have just enough to work and little by little things would be added until the launch left early access. In fact, Hopoo Games has already shared the release roadmap and doesn't look bad at all.

Risk of Rain 2 comes surprisingly to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch 2

As you can see the game is still far from being ready since it will continue to receive content until beyond spring 2020. It seems that this is the most profitable style for many small studios since they can generate profits while working on this same game. Hopefully the title will like console users and can continue developing it while it is for sale.

Among the promises of the study are the new characters, objects, abilities, bosses, etc. They promise, in general, to continue giving more content than the game already has and that may be enough, especially if we take into account the genre of the game.

In Risk of Rains 2 we landed on an unknown alien planet, the goal is to get weapons and objects to defend ourselves and reach the end of the stage. We will die a lot since the title is designed so that we use the previous experience to try again as in any rogue game that boasts.

The premise is quite simple but addictive and, unlike other rogues, this one is in 3D with a third-party vision and cel shading graffiti. Below we leave the launch trailer in Switch and one of playability.

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