Roadmap for surface products detected: includes Surface Pro with USB-C, AMD Surface laptop and Andromeda dual-screen tablet for H2 2019

by Kelvin

If you are interested in what new products Microsoft plans to release in the future, you will be pleased to know that they are now publicly available.


The source of information is Brad Sam, an author who is known to have insider information about upcoming Microsoft products. He has a new book called Under the Surface, which covers the history and future of Microsoft Surface products, as well as a chapter on future Surface devices.

According to the author, the following devices are planned for 2019 and 2020:

  • Surface Brand Applied Computing – Spring 2019
  • Surface Pro with USB-C and smaller bezels – Q4 2019
  • AMD Surface Notebook – Q4 2019
  • Andromeda Dual Screen Foldable Tablet with LTE – H2 2019
  • New Surface Book – Q1 2020
  • Surface Monitor / Studio – 2020

There are some devices that we already knew about, such as Andromeda, which has been under development for a while. It's also interesting to know that Microsoft will finally make the switch to USB-C for the next Surface Pro.

For a Surface laptop with AMD processors, it seems Microsoft is planning to reduce its reliance on Intel chips. However, most likely, there will still be Intel versions on the computer.

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Studio Surface 2020, according to Brad, can be modular, allowing you to replace the processor and memory with new ones, instead of replacing the entire device.

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