Rockstar is apparently hiring for Grand Theft Auto 6!

by admin-kervin

Grand Theft Auto 6, LA Noire 2 or something new !? – Rockstar North just posted a job offer on the site, which in turn suggests that the studio is already working hard on a new game like GTA 6, La Noire, or even another completely new IP that we don't know about.

Therefore, Rockstar is looking for a vehicle artist for its studio in Scotland. With the publication offering several details, we will now investigate.

After all, it is very likely that this artist will work on an Open World game. And what is the most popular open world game in the world? Guessed, it's Grand Theft Auto!

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Everyone knows that the GTA game saga is based on a completely open world where we can find a huge multitude of vehicles. That said, several leaks have already arrived on the Internet, suggesting that Rockstar is actually working on GTA 6.

In fact, when we consider that the current generation of consoles is nearing the end of its cycle. And that's why the golden egg chicken GTA V is about to 'die'… It begins to make sense that the studio is careful that the dollars continue to fall into the bank account.


Interestingly, several new leaks mention that GTA VI will happen in several different periods. Each with its own buildings, clothing and of course… cars! So let's look at cars from the 60s to the modern era.

Vehicles are very important in GTA games! Therefore, they are one of the first things to do in the development process. So if Rockstar has just started recruiting, it's likely that the game is still in its early stages of development. Or, the studio is not able to vent all the work, so it decided to hire more manpower.

However, GTA is not the only studio game with many vehicles.

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It is possible that this job offer is for another game, such as LA Night 2. Or maybe a completely new title. After all, Rockstar has registered a name very recently, which may have something to do with everything that is going on.

In short, as Rockstar has not yet revealed any information about GTA 6, LA Noire 2 or a new IP… The best thing is to do, wait!

Besides, what do you think about all this? Share with us your opinion in the comments below.

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