Rockstar presents the next update of Red Dead Online

by Kelvin

Rockstar Games has officially presented the next update of Red Dead Online, and has promising content on the way for those who want a more focused role in online gaming. In a publication on the official website of Rockstar Games, the developer has given details of a new update of Red Dead Online, which will be released on September 10. A key aspect of the update is the introduction of three new Specialist Roles; New approaches that players can apply to their game styles as part of the game's planned border chase mechanics that offers new skills, active bonuses and much more.

Currently it is planned to present three roles to Red Dead Online players: The bounty hunter, who chases dangerous outlaws to get a reward on their own or with a gang; The trader, which chases animals for fur while also helping to establish a new commercial enterprise; Y The collector, who travels in the West in search of oddities and anything else valuable.


Players can accumulate experience in any of these roles by participating in missions and activities linked to their progression at any time. This means that Red Dead Online players they could easily switch between seeking rewards and tracking lost treasures in his spare time, although at the cost of advancing through the ranks of such a fast role.

The update also comes with several new features and quality of life corrections that will apply to Red Dead Online as a whole. While the publication promises that new features and corrections will be revealed soon, for now these are the changes and new features that we know:

  • Improved control of the player with improved movement in the combat and locomotion phases.
  • Character recreation option that does not require loss of progress.
  • Greater resistance to damage in defensive play style.
  • New skill cards.
  • New daily challenges and daily role challenges.
  • More dynamic events.
  • New objects
  • Free roaming events linked to new functions.
  • Additional stable slots.
  • Improved sales prices for all jewels.
  • Lootable containers in environmental wagons.
  • More custom slot machines.
  • Possibility to name sets stored in the closet.
  • Rebalancing weapons to reduce dependence on head shots in PvP.

Red Dead Online is currently available on Xbox One and Playstation 4.

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