Rockstar would have abandoned GeForce Now in favor of Google Stadia

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At the time we told them that Google Stadia seemed a great option as long as we went by the free way which would reveal the details in a few months. The founders pack is not a bad option, but it seems like a good idea to first observe how Google develops in this medium before betting heavily on Stadia.

This is why many are waiting for a blow at the table to decide on Stadia or not and how does Red Dead Redemption 2 sound exclusive to Google Stadia on PC? Sounds like a deal for many. Apparently that is what Google would have prepared to announce in the coming weeks.

Rockstar would have abandoned GeForce Now in favor of Google Stadia 1

Goodbye to Nvidia

The rumor is that Rockstar withdrew its games from GeForce Now, a service similar to Google but with much less popularity. However, Nvidia had already put this service to the test in some parts of Europe and America and users reported irregular performance. GTA V, Bully, Liberty City and other Rockstar titles were one of the main snacks but have disappeared from one moment to another.

This could lead us to think that Rockstar has wanted to get its games out of this service, but has no reason to do so. It is “free” money that comes from putting ready-made games and rights in a streaming service, so this can only mean that Rockstar will launch its own streaming service (unlikely) or that it will join another more popular one (the one we think everyone).

Rockstar would have abandoned GeForce Now in favor of Google Stadia 2

Unfortunately this also means that GeForce Now has been helpless in the face of the situation, from one moment to another a game has ceased to be in its service and its players have run out of Rockstar games and with saved games that are useless now. This leaves this type of service in a bad place, including Google's, which has not clarified whether this type of thing will also happen to them.

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In any case, we expect an official announcement from Rockstar at any time. They may not talk about the arrival of their games at Stadia but, at the very least, they should explain their departure from GeForce Now.

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