ROG Thor 1200W Platinum, Asus presents 1200W RGB with OLED screen

by Kelvin
Asus ROG Thor 1200W Platinum Power Supply

In addition to the announcement of its arrival in the Watercooling AIO sector, Asus is also tackling the world of power supplies with a display case, the ROG Thor 1200W Platinum.

Computex 2018 was an opportunity for Asus to expand the scope of its product catalog. The manufacturer unveils several new gaming devices marketed under the ROG brand. In the field of cooling, the families embody the manufacturer’s first AIO solutions.

ROG Ryuo 120/240 and ROG Ryujin 240/360, Asus announces its AIO with OLED screen


Asus is also targeting the power supply market with a ROG Thor 1200W Platinum display case. As its name suggests, we are dealing with a block with a power of 1200 Watts capable of meeting the needs of configurations with several graphics cards.

ROG Thor 1200W Platinum, some information

We do not yet know much about its characteristics. The mechanics meet the constraints of the 80Plus Platinum label. It offers high efficiency and a race to waste energy.

The press photograph shows a 100% modular connection in order to connect only the bare essentials. This choice limits the excess cables in a tower. Storage becomes more efficient and the air flow is improved. RGB is not forgotten with a backlight system compatible with Aura technology.

Asus goes one step further since we learned that the block has a 135mm IP5X certified fan and an OLED Power Display panel. It will allow real-time monitoring of various data such as electricity consumption. The block is advertised with 0dB operation suggesting that the fan is capable of shutting down completely under certain circumstances.

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