Rulers, Guides, and Grids in Photoshop: How to Use Them

by Kelvin
Rulers, Guides, and Grids in Photoshop: How to Use Them

Photoshop is packed with workers and functions of all kinds. But what undoubtedly characterizes this software is the customization options and the ability to adapt the workspace to the tastes and needs of each.

Rulers, guides, and grids in Photoshop

Show and use rulers in Photoshop

ruler, as its name indicates, it is an element that allows us to measure the distance between two points. Same as the rule we can use to draw on paper. Photoshop allows us to add two rules for each project, one vertically and one horizontally.


To show these rules, we can go to the View menu and select the Rules option from the list. We can also use the faster Control + R keyboard shortcut to quickly show and hide the rulers.

Mostrar Regla Photoshop

We can see these rules appear at the top and left of the canvas.

Reglas in Photoshop

We can right click on these Photoshop guides to see a context menu from which we can select the module in which we want these guides to appear. For example, we will be able to measure in pixels, centimeters, millimeters, inches, percentages, etc. D.

Cambiar unidades de medsion reglas Photoshop

If we want measurements to be as accurate as possible, it is recommended that you set up a 100% view and resort to using guides to easily measure items on the screen.

Add guides to the canvas

Photoshop tutorials These are kind of vertical and horizontal lines that allow us to separate spaces and help us better position all elements of the project. These guides appear above the image, but only virtual ones, which means they are not saved when you save or print the image. They are just aids in the workspace.

There are two ways to add new guides to a project. The first is to use the view menu to add a new guide, select the type (horizontal or vertical) and position. This allows us to create a new manual for sure, but it is not practical. The second recommended way to create guides is to click on the ruler and drag down or to the right until you place the ruler where you want.

Añadir Nueva Guía Photoshop

We will also be able to create automatic guide compositions that will allow us to intelligently and automatically split several equal parts on the canvas.

Añadir composición de guía

Guides are smart, and they allow us to measure the distance between objects or layers, as well as align objects relative to each other based on the layer’s distance. We just need to press the Control or Alt key and hover the mouse over the canvas to see the relative information.

Geass Intelligents Photoshop

Move and remove guides

Of course, if we placed the manual and we did it wrong, we can move it around freely. Even remove it. To move it, we have to click on it and drag it again to the place where we want to place it.

Mover Guía PS

If you want to remove this item, we can do it in several ways. The first and fastest way is to click on the guide and bring it back to the ruler. Contrary to how we created it. When you release the button, the guide will disappear.

Ocultar guía Photoshop

We can also use the View menu to remove the guides. Although this is only practical if you have multiple created and want to delete them all with one click.

Locking guides

This is very good and very helpful in shaping our creations. However, they have a pretty serious problem and that is what they get in the way. But a lot. And of course, if we worked with them more than once, we accidentally clicked on one of them and instead of moving the image, we moved the guide.

Luckily, Photoshop allows us to lock the guides to prevent this from happening. To do this, just press the keyboard shortcut Control + Alt + C and the guides can no longer be moved. We can also select this option in the view menu if we don’t like remembering keyboard shortcuts.

Bloquear guías in Photoshop

Unfortunately, Photoshop has a rather serious problem: it does not preserve guide lock settings. Not in the program, not in projects. Therefore, if we close and open the project, they will be unlocked and can be moved. We’ll have to re-lock the guides this way.

How to view a grid in Photoshop

In addition to the guides, if we want a more accurate canvas, we can also activate net view This will allow us to have a canvas base similar to the base of the grid sheet so that we can have much better control over the position and size of the elements.

This grid is disabled by default, but we can easily display it from the View> Show> Grid menu or by using the keyboard shortcut Control +?.

Añadir nueva cuadrícula a Photoshop

Setting guides, grids, and sectors

While customizing these elements is not absolutely necessary for editing, Adobe allows us to customize the appearance of these elements so that we can adapt them to our liking, our needs, or the needs of the project we’re working on.

To do this, we have to go to Edit> Preferences and select an option for guides, grids and sectors. A window similar to the one below will appear in which we can select the color and style of each of these elements.

Personalizar guías y cuadrícula

As we can see, Photoshop allows us to choose the color of each element and the stroke that it will have. Enough to be able to adapt the editing interface even more to our needs.