Rumor: Xbox Scarlet could hit the market with VR capabilities!

by Kelvin

With each passing day, we increasingly see VR (Virtual Reality) technology inserted in the world of video games. This is because a large number of companies and studios in the industry consider this to be the next big step in technology.

In addition, some even say that at some point we will see VR glasses completely replacing the classic screens (TVs or Monitors). But for now, it is only for speculation, because it is something that in our opinion will not happen that soon.


Although we already see countless studios using VR technology and even consoles like PS4… Microsoft has opted not to focus on Xbox One functionality. But why?

VR technology

The reason we see so many studios "diving headfirst" into VR technology is because it is still a half unexplored area. That is, the best thing is to gain advantage now, under the closest rivals.

So we see companies like Apple, Samsung, Google, Facebook and many others involved in this world right now. Offering its users VR solutions. In addition, there are also platforms such as Steam VR, Oculus, Playstation VR and even Nintendo is already betting strongly and ugly on this market, with 'Labo'.

At studio level we can find Ubisoft, Square Enix, Bethesda, Bandai Namco, Capcom, Warner Bros and many more. Working on games with VR technology. So, in fact, we can assume that this will undoubtedly be the future of technology.

However, we lack a very important platform…

VR technology

We can't really figure out why Xbox doesn't have any VR support yet. When even Nintendo, which does not usually go into these wanderings, is already working on it.

After all, when Xbox One X was officially unveiled, it was stipulated that this would be the only console that could run Fallout 4 in VR. But this has not happened, and to this day it is not clear why it has not yet been implemented.

This has generated several rumors, which in some ways even make sense. Have you figured that Microsoft may have delayed the launch of VR on Xbox One X. Just because you thought it best to launch it on a better console, like Scarlett?

In short, we are still not sure how things will be. However, we truly think that the Xbox Scarlett console may be released, already with VR support. Especially because it makes no sense, that a well-known platform like Xbox is the only one not to provide this to players.

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