Rumors about the design of the iPhone 2020 may prevent it from investing in devices …

by Kelvin
Rumors about the design of the iPhone 2020 may prevent it from investing in devices ...

There is never any doubt Apple We hope to make drastic changes to all iPhone models, it will launch in 2020. Despite some highlights, such as the first 5G phone from Apple Stable expected, there are also other shared details. One of the main sources of information for the online community is Ming-Chi Kuo, which is often known as Apple Insider Info You've released several details that will become the foundation of the iPhone 2020 model.

All three cell phones will be activated 5G

Apple It will probably maintain the formula for the three models that have been adopted in recent years and you can expect an iPhone 12iPhone 12 Max and iPhone 12 R. There are previous conflicting reports about the 5G capabilities of these models. Now it is clarified that these three devices can be used in a 5G environment and not only in the upper 2. Some of the attributes of this development for Apple took over the Intel mobile chipset business. Maybe that Apple may remain on original plans to install Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets for two high-end models. The cheapest Intel chipsets can go to the iPhone 12 R.


Two sets of predicted technology

Ming-Chi Kuo has indicated that there will be two types of connectivity technology in the 5G ecosystem. One is millimeter wave or mmWave and the other is 6 GHz subspectrum. As you know, what distinguishes 5G from 4G is the speed at which mobile phones can process data. MmWave technology facilitates the exciting speed this processor can deliver. The only drawback with this technology is the distance restriction.

The 6 GHz subspectrum, on the other hand, makes it easy to use 5G connectivity even remotely from signal sources. It does not offer the same level of speed that would be expected. IPhone 2020 will use both technologies if you use Ming-Chi Kuo. Experts contend that Android phones primarily use sub-spectrum technology6 Single GHz, sacrificing range speeds.

Regardless of connectivity area, the current thinking is that Apple will do a full overhaul of the flagship phone next year, with new dimensions and entirely new screen types and camera setups, etc.

With this reveal, this is a moot question about how many people will dare to go there and buy one of the 2019 iPhone models.