Rumors insist: we will see an iPhone with Touch ID under the screen in 2020

by Kelvin
iPhone Touch ID bajo pantalla

For some time now it has been rumored that Apple He is working on a fingerprint reader under the screen, something that I personally do not quite understand considering how well Face ID works. Now Bloomberg and Mark Gurman again insist on this informed possibility that we could see an iPhone with Touch ID under the screen next year.


The fingerprint readers under the screen are already quite common in the industry and numerous devices from Samsung, Xiaomi or Huawei incorporate them. It is true that at the moment they are not so precise, not as safe, as traditional fingerprint sensors, but it is a technology that has been imposed.

Touch ID + Face ID

According to the information, Apple It is developing a new technology that would allow to have a fingerprint reader under the screen. In principle this technology is being developed to be included in the iPhones of 2020, although this date could be delayed until the 2021 iPhone. Apparently Apple It already has the ability to integrate this technology into iPhones, but the company has not yet managed to mass produce it.

iPhone Touch ID

The new Touch ID of Apple would be "embedded in the screen", allowing the user scan your fingerprint on a large part of the screen, and not only in a certain position as we have seen so far. In addition this new sensor would work in conjunction with Face ID, so we would have two different options.

The objective is that both technologies complement each other when the other does not work, although Apple She has never been very friendly to include two options that do the same.

In addition to all this, Gurman also confirms that we will see a new iPhone SE 2 in early 2020 as we have heard in previous rumors. This iPhone SE will look like the iPhone 8 and should theoretically be an affordable iPhone.

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