Rumors of great confidence shed light on the name of the iPhone 11

by Kelvin
Rumors of great confidence shed light on the name of the iPhone 11

The iPhone about to receive a new renewal. Next month, during the classic presentation event organized by Apple, the company will reveal all the details about the new models of its mobile phone line. From them we know that they could have a completely renewed rear camera, and that their design would not vary too much with respect to the iPhone XS and XR. However, what is not clear yet is the name.

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We still do not know what the new devices might be called, and it does not give the impression that it is such a major renovation as to call it iPhone 11. Also, after having gone through the iPhone X and iPhone XS, it would be weird to see an iPhone XI, simply because of the fact that it would not be a brand as "aesthetic" as that of its predecessors. However, rumors from a highly reliable source could have revealed the new denomination.

According to a tweet from CoinX, known for offering several leaks related to previous iPhone models, the next phone from Apple it would carry the name Pro. This could lead to two interpretations, on the one hand, perhaps it would be an iPhone Pro, on the other, it could be an iPhone 11 Pro. If we follow the name scheme of Apple, the first possibility is more likely, since it does not usually accompany any more elements to the β€œPro” brand.

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At the moment, there is no more information, and it seems that we will have to wait until the presentation date is closer to know more. However, it would be quite surprising that the name "Pro" finally reached the iPhone. What is not clear is if he really deserves that name, since it does not seem that more surprises will appear regarding the design or its new functionalities.