'Rush Wars': Supercell's new strategy game is a mix between 'Clash of Clans' and 'Boom Beach'

by Kelvin
'Rush Wars': Supercell's new strategy game is a mix between 'Clash of Clans' and 'Boom Beach'

If there is a known company in the world of mobile games it is Supercell. Maybe the name per se don't tell you too much, but we do say that they are the creators of 'Clash of Clans', 'Clash Royale' or 'Brawl Stars', the thing changes. His latest release, 'Brawl Stars', is working very well, but the company has not stood still and is already testing a new game: 'Rush Wars'.

Explaining 'Rush Wars' is a bit complicated. Let's say it's a mix between 'Clash of Clans' and 'Boom Beach'. Baby of the first for the troop deployment system and the second for the creation of the combat team. It is neither one nor the other, but a test whose objective seems to be to observe what would come out by combining two of his most famous games.


In search of gold

The game does not have a "story" as such, but goes straight to the point. We are a kind of mercenaries and we are dedicated to assault (and defend) gold mines. We will have to create our own command using the units that we will be unlocking as we move forward in the game. As you can imagine, the game is free and is financed with micropayments, so the characters are obtained in the chests.

Each player will have to create your own base to protect gold that he got in his raids. Your goal, after completing the tutorial (very illustrative, by the way), is to create an impregnable defense so that the rest of the players cannot gain your resources. Easy on paper, but as in all Supercell games, it will be a priority to develop a strategy and play your cards well.

'Rush Wars' cannot be downloaded worldwide for now, only in a few countries

When we finish a level we get stars, experience and gold, as well as a chest. In that chest we will find coins and letters for level up to our units. In that sense, it is very similar to 'Clash Royale', so if you already play that game you will have no problem getting familiar with the mechanics.

They do not forget the clans, which in this case are teams. You can join other players to fight together and be the ones with the most gold. Commanders, special units (such as the king and queen of 'Clash of Clans') will help you in this work, stronger and with special abilities. A game "very Supercell", no doubt.

As we said before, 'Rush Wars' is a completely free game that is funded by micropayments. At the moment it is in beta and in Phase of soft launch in Canada, the United States and Australia, so it is not possible to download it "officially" from Google Play in other countries. On whether it will launch globally or stay on the road, only time will give us the answer.

Rush Wars

Rush Wars

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