Russell Hobs Brew and Go coffee machine review

by Kelvin

Coffee, coffee, coffee, some say that is what makes the world go round. Big industry, with millions of people drinking it every day. The quality and type of coffee varies, from instant trash to beans, mugs, barista-style lattes with chocolate chips. But filter coffee is between the two and that's where Brew & Go comes in. This is a very affordable compact coffee maker, which filters ground coffee in your cup for delicious drinks on the go.

At just £ 32.99, I don't expect miracles, but I do expect something good enough to give me a delicious thrill in the morning. This coffee maker is quite compact, lightweight, and won't take up too much space on your kitchen table (or dare I say, your desk). The coffee maker is equipped with a fairly thin stainless steel travel mug and some instructions. The USP for this machine is the default timer. A 24-hour timer, which means you can set a timer so your coffee is ready to use, right down to the correct minutes in the morning.


Set-up is super easy, just plug it in, set the time and you're ready to go. After the first use, it is recommended that you thoroughly rinse the machine with clean water. At the top of the engine and under a thin cover, there is a water tank and a filter. There is a maximum line on the back and a small cut on the back of the machine above the maximum line, so if you overfill, the water will flow to your desk. It is limited to that maximum level, but the idea is to fill the tank with the amount of water necessary according to the size of your cup. So fill your cup with water and then pour it over. After that, add ground, non-instant, grain-free coffee and this will depend on how strong you want it to be, but they recommend 15-20 grams of coffee per cup. Don't overfill it because the water won't flow and it will cause motor chaos.

That brings me to the next point, which is water. It is heated and then drizzled over the coffee, seeping into your cup. There's no pressure like a barista-style coffee machine, so you have to be patient and let the water filter naturally. After using all the water, the motor will stop on its own. You can then remove the filter and the surrounding casing, empty the ground coffee and rinse it for the next time.

The timer is very easy to use, just press and hold the watch button for a few seconds and set the time with the H and MIN buttons. After choosing your time, press the watch button again and you are ready to go. The machine will now make your coffee at the specified time. Do not turn off the engine, the time will restart.

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If you use the provided travel mug, it will be fine, but when you use the mug, I find a spark due to the distance between the mug and the outlet. The drip tray can be raised slightly but not much to help.

The taste of the coffee is irrelevant, it depends on the beans, but the coffee that comes out is properly prepared. The coffee is not boiling, but it is hot enough to make you drink the first time you drink it. Because there is no pressure, the consistency is liquid and you don't get the silk cream you get from a barista machine. You can't make latte from this, doesn't mean you can. There is no temperature control, it is stuck with what it provides.

At this price, with free mugs and travel timers, this is a small machine that's handy for coffee fans. This is better than the instant, not as close as a barista, but it's great for you to get up close and start early that morning. Not to mention, it's much cheaper and faster than a barista-style setup.

For more information, visit the official Russell Hobbs website.

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