Russian antitrust agency demands explanations from Apple

by Kelvin
Russian antitrust agency demands explanations from Apple

The Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) is demanding explanations from Apple. All because an application in the Russian cybersecurity lab Kaspersky has not been updated on iOS, the US company's mobile operating system. The Russian company itself has filed a complaint with the FAS.

The app in question is Safe Kids, used for parental control over their sons and daughters. The competing and self-developed app Apple, Screen Time, has been updated without problems. Failure to update the Kaspersky Lab application has caused it to lose some of its functionality.

Screen Time Screen, app from Apple for parental control. (Source: The Verge)

Further Investigations

It's not just Russia that keeps an eye on Apple: Cupertino's company is being investigated in the United States and Europe. The US Department of Justice is investigating several technology companies and the Apple is among them.

Already in the old world, the accusations came from Spotify, which claims that the US company uses means to crack down on competitors. Apple Music On Russian research, the Apple has not taken a public position yet.

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