Ryzen 3000, several B550 Gigabyte motherboards appear

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Gigabyte B550 and Z490 motherboards

The EEC unveils a list of B550 motherboards. Signed Gigabyte, they will make it possible to democratize PCIe Gen 4.0 through solutions at reduced prices.

AMD remains discreet about its B550 chipset. It is promising since it allows access to the latest technologies such as PCIe 4.0 through motherboards that are more accessible than the current X570 references. A mysterious B550A has been talked about, but it is not really a novelty. In a discussion on Reddit Robert Hallock of AMD clarified that this is an OEM chipset that only supports PCIe 3.0.

AMD B550 chipset, Gigabyte for Aorus and gaming solutions

The B550 non A is on its side present in a new list published by the EEC. It offers many Gigabyte references. We find motherboards for AMD and Intel platforms. AMD’s next mid-range chipset is featured on six AORUS B550 models, as well as a GAMING version. The offer is based on formats ranging from Micro-ATX to Mini-ITX via Micro-ATX.

In parallel Gighabyte has also submitted its next Z490 motherboards intended to accommodate the range of Core Comet Lake-S processors. We have a total of 15 references. Once again the W480 chipset makes its entry. It gives rise to an offer called “Vision”. It is normally oriented towards workstations dedicated to creation and production.

Comet Lake-S, several Z490 MSI motherboards appear


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