Sackboy: Big Adventure gets new gameplay trailer on PS5

by Kelvin
Sackboy: Big Adventure gets new gameplay trailer on PS5

It may not even be the most talked about among Sony’s PlayStation 5 announcements, but the new game Sackboy: The Big Adventure has what it takes to be a great choice for platform fans, and got another trailer today! Check out:

Unlike previous games in the series LittleBigPlanet, the new journey lacks level creation and sharing elements, and is fully dedicated to bringing the best platform experience possible, whether playing alone or with your friends in co-op multiplayer.


Sony has confirmed that whoever pre-orders the game there in the US will win a digital comic book called The Gathering Storm (something like “great difficulties”) that tells an unprecedented story, setting the lore and ground for the new game. This freebie will come in all versions of the game, which will also be marketed in deluxe digital editions and a special physical edition.

Whoever opts for the physical version brings home an adorable version of Sackboy dressed in tiger clothes. In the deluxe digital version, it will be possible to download the official soundtrack, a digital art book, and dress the character with clothes from famous Sony games, such as Connor’s skin (from Detroit: Become Human), Jin (Ghost of Tsushima), Sam Bridges (Death Stranding) and Deacon (Days Gone).

The game will be released on November 12th for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. What did you think of the new Sackboy adventure? Comment below!

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