Safari on iOS 13: all the changes and news that come to your devices

by Kelvin
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In a very short time Apple will launch its new operating systems and with iOS 13 and iPadOS come important news that we have been reviewing during the last weeks. Today we are going to focus on Safari and the large number of improvements that come to our iPhone and iPad.


Apple He has wanted accelerate the experience we have with Safari in macOS to the iPhone and iPad And surfing will never be the same. These are all the changes that have come to Safari on iOS 13 and iPadOS.

This is Safari on iOS 13 and iPadOS

New home screen

Apple redesigned the main screen of Safari in iOS 13 and iPadOS which is now smarter than ever. At the top we have a section dedicated to our favorites, then we have a line dedicated to the pages we visit most frequently and below we have suggestions that Siri will make us.

iOS 13 safari home screen

Among these suggestions we can see open tabs on other devices, links copied or sent to us by message. In addition, each of the previous sections can be expanded to see more content.

Download Manager

One of the great news that Safari brings us on iOS 13 and iPadOS It is a complete download manager that will allow us to have more control over the different files that we can download. This option is really interesting if you use the iPad as a substitute for a computer.

discards in ios 13 ipads

In addition the folder in which these files are downloaded can be edited to our liking and we can select where we want to download on our own device or in a cloud service.

Redesign of the share tab

As in the rest of the system, the sharing tab has been completely redesigned. At the top we have our most frequent contacts to send a link, then a selection of different apps to share and then a list with other actions.

Quality options when uploading an image

If we have to upload an image to a website now we have a new menu where we can select image quality with four options available. Now you can upload images to any website, even if it has a maximum size limit.

New 3D Touch menu

When we now use 3D Touch, or Haptic Touch holding down, in a link we have a new menu with different options as …. and a preview of the link.

New options menu

On the right side of the address bar we now have a much more complete drop-down menu by pressing the "A". From this menu we can make a large number of options:

  • Change font size.
  • Show the web in read mode.
  • Hide the address bar.
  • Change the web to desktop mode.
  • Access new settings among which we have: permissions and actions for a given website.

safari settings ios 13

More options in Settings

In the iPhone or iPad Settings we have new options for Safari available as for example close tabs automatically, we have options to close the tabs after a day, a week or a month.

Default desktop version on iPadOS

Safari on the iPad is now much more similar to the macOS app and you will no longer have to suffer with web pages poorly adapted to tablets, the desktop version will appear by default on all websites.

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