Samsung 108 MP Camera Comes With Sensor

by Kelvin
Samsung 108 MP Camera Comes With Sensor

Smartphone cameras are becoming more and more ambitious with higher megapixels. South Korean technology giant Samsung is preparing to introduce the 108 MP camera sensor on August 12.

Quad Bayer Filtered camera sensors continue to be used as the indispensables of the smartphone industry. What we have seen recently 48 MP after camera devices, Realm of the and Redman is brands 64 MP camera is expected to introduce new smartphone models soon. But that's not all, because more than 64 MP is on the way.

We Can See First at Xiaomi

SamsungCamera department, 108 MP camera sensor August 12Will introduce. Last month, it was said that it could take 2020 years for the camera to be used on smartphones, but this timeline may be revised now.


A few days ago, a well-known leak specialist ISOCELL sensor for the first time on a smartphone. Xiaomi shared an in-house presentation that indicates that the device will be Mi Mix 4 was told.

108 MP's First Phone Can Come This Year

If Xiaomi adheres to the usual timeline of introducing the Mix series of smartphones, First smartphone with 108 MP camera at least in China this year. We don't know exactly what sensor size we're going to encounter, but Samsung will announce all the details on August 12th. Years of classic megapixel battles may have ended, but apparently, a new race is under way to create the largest Quad-Bayer lineup.

The 108 MP camera normally shoots at 27 MP resolution and in pixels. It is not yet clear whether it is possible to shoot 108 MP (with an incredible resolution of 12032 x 9024 pixels). This may be possible with the 'Pro' mode in the camera application, but probably will not. Because Quad Bayer sensors It is designed and manufactured to shoot 1/4 of its native resolution. So it converts 4 pixels to one pixel to get more detail.

Therefore, with a 108 MP smartphone camera, it is possible that you will not be able to get full 108 MP images. However, there is no doubt that we can shoot great resolution in any way.

Samsung 108 MP Camera Sensor 2

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