Samsung 55Q85R review: the best 4K QLED TV?

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Samsung 55Q85R review: the best 4K QLED TV?

Leader for 14 years on the world market of televisions, Samsung very often comes at the top of the list when choosing its television. Even though the QLED 2020 range is already coming to the fore with some e-tailers, it was time for Clubic to test one of the flagship models of 2019, the aptly named Q85R in 55-inch version, that you can now acquire at a much more attractive price than when it was released. That does make it the best QLED choice, that’s what we’ll see right away.

When looking for a high-end TV, your eyes can turn to an Oled or Qled model. To compete with the Oled, Samsung is trying to push the LED experience to its climax in order to offer you an ever brighter image and ever more striking contrasts. Successful bet for the South Korean manufacturer?

All the measurements used in this article were carried out with the CalMAN Ultimate software and an X-Rite i1 Display Pro probe.

Price and availability

Marketed in March 2019, the Samsung Q85R is available in: 75.65 and 55 inches, respectively 189cm, 165cm and 140cm for those allergic to imperial units.

At the time of its release, the 55-inch version was available at a price of 2399, the 65-inch version was billed at € 2,999 and the 75-inch version reached a tidy sum of € 4,499. At the moment it is possible to find the 55 inch model for less than € 1,300, while the 75 inch model is available for less than 3000 €. Samsung has confirmed to us that the TVs will still be available throughout this year.


Design and connectivity

Suffice to say right away, Samsung has revised the design of its Q85R compared to its big brother the Q8FN, exit the feet on either side of the TV and hello the central foot. On this 2019 range, the changes are a little deeper, let’s find out quickly with a little overview of the technical characteristics:

  • Screen type : QLED, LCD Direct LED backlight with 96 backlight zones
  • Slab : VA / 10bits
  • Definition : 4K Ultra HD
  • Resolution : 3840 x 2160 pixels
  • HDR compatibility : Hdr 10 / HDR 10 + / HLG
  • Connectivity : 4xHDMI (4K, 60 Hz, HDR) including 1 HDMI ARC port, 3xUSB 2.0, IEC75 antenna, 2x satellite, RJ45 Ethernet, Toslink optical output, headphone output
  • BONE : Tizen
  • Connectivity : Bluetooth 4.2 / Wifi 5Ghz / Airplay 2
  • Voice assistant : Bixby

As with the 2018 Q8FN, Samsung decided to equip the Q85R with the One Connect box. This allows to deport the entire connection to a box that can easily be stored in a TV cabinet, casually, under these conditions the cable management is easier. This technical feat is due to the single cable that connects the TV and the box and which allows sound and image to pass, but also the power supply necessary for the proper functioning of the TV.

q85 samsung test .jpg

Regarding the design, Samsung has taken over what worked for the Q9FN of 2018, a discreet frame with an aluminum finish that matches the aesthetic standards of high-end televisions.

Samsung has also taken over the central leg fixing system. Embarking a foot with a groove, it will have the advantage of subtly masking the single cable that connects your TV to the OneConnect box. But this central leg also has a defect and not least. With a depth of 23cm mounted on its foot, the TV can only take place on a TV cabinet at least 30cm if you want to accompany it with a sound bar.

q85 r foot .png

An anti-reflection filter that makes a big difference

Not everyone has the chance to enjoy a room plunged into darkness as soon as the TV is on and even less a movie theater, and therefore during your viewing sessions, you have the unpleasant feeling of ‘have reflections on your TV. On this specific point, Samsung’s work is simply … stunning.

Samsung has integrated an anti-reflection filter that the manufacturer calls QLC. The purpose of this filter positioned between the screen and the TV backlight is to capture and disperse as much as possible all the light sources that hit the TV screen. This has the result of drastically reducing reflections, and therefore not having to boost the brightness of your screen.


A sunny day with 2 windows facing south and west

If you find the reflections still too marked when the panel is off, know that when the TV is on the reflections disappear and are no longer a source of frustration.

Another advantage of this filter and not the least, for those who are used to watching their TV with family, the viewing angles are very good or even excellent compared to other LED screens type Sony XF9005.

A striking image


Team of the new Quantum Processor, this processor is derived from those present on the Samsung Q900R (8K). This processor greatly improves the upscaling (scaling of 1080p content and less to 4K) of the TV and brings Samsung closer to the leaders in this area: Sony and Philips.

In cinema mode, the upscaling is very soft and does not create any artifacts, because it simply applies a slight smoothing on certain details. On the other hand when you are in normal mode or your source is in 720p or less, the image processing is, in fact, much more aggressive to create artificially details, which tends to produce artifacts and therefore the content is not reproduced faithfully.

Regarding motion compensation, Samsung has its AutoMotion Plus which plays an important role in producing a sharp image. When set to automatic, you risk railing on the camcorder effect. Very sensitive to this effect, I preferred to deactivate this setting and I finally found a “normal” image.

Color fidelity to make a chameleon pale

In order to get as close to a picture as possible, we have set the television to cinema mode with the colors set to hot 2 and the backlight on 13 to get as close as possible to a white of 150cd / m² (in a well-lit room, prefer 25), being sensitive to the camcorder effect I preferred to deactivate AutoMotion Plus, but this is up to everyone’s discretion.

Delta E Q85R

With an average DeltaE measured at 3.35, this television displays beautiful colors and can almost be considered as faithful. Indeed, we consider that with an average Delta E below 3, the eye can no longer distinguish the differences between the colors displayed and the original colors.

Q85R range curve

The gamma curve displays an average of 2.1 and approaches the reference curve measured at 2.4. With an almost perfect follow-up of the reference curve, the only shadow in the table is the peak around 90-100 which is explained by the backlight which adapts with the variation of the gray.

Balance RGB Q85R

Regarding the color temperature, we have measured an average of 6681 Kelvin and is very close to the reference value of 6500K. Still with a slightly blue image for very bright images.

Q85R color space

Finally, with regard to the coverage of the Rec.709 color space (for SDR content), this television covers more than 96%.

As you can see, on most of the tests we gave it, the TV behaves very well and approaches the reference values ​​each time with an almost perfect reproduction of the Rec.709 color space. You will therefore benefit from a very qualitative image, if you take the time to adjust the television correctly.

Last measure, which will speak to the most economical of you, the consumption of the TV in standby is 0.2W while in operation we noted an average of 97W.

Game mode

We were able to test the game mode offered by Samsung, with a PS4 pro as well as the GameStream functionality of the Shield TV. This allows you to disable image processing to gain responsiveness, and reduce theinput lag, i.e. the time between the pressing of a button on a joystick and the action performed in game.

The game mode offers several settings for a given source (HMDI 1,2, etc.), it can either be activated automatically when the TV detects the powering up of a game console, or it is possible to force that or deactivate it completely.

Once the game mode is activated, the input lag changes to 28.07 ms with its default settings. This score is very correct compared to the 77.3 ms that TV offers without game mode, with its image processing activated. It is possible to deactivate the specialized processing of the game mode to further gain responsiveness and reach 13.5 ms, a score which will guarantee you playing sessions in excellent conditions.

These treatments make it possible to improve the fluidity of the images, by extrapolating images when the games see their framerate lose stability. It is quite effective, but the treatments create quite unpleasant visual artifacts. On our side we advise you to deactivate these treatments “Motion Plus“, as well as all the other improvements proposed, which distort the rendering of the games.

Finally know that the TV is compatible with FreeSync, only with the Xbox One X at the moment. There is a good chance that the new generation consoles will also be compatible (PS5 and Xbox One Serie X).

Tizen Os, to consume without moderation

tizen os q85r

Still a benchmark in terms of OS tv, the Korean manufacturer’s home system adds compatibility this year with Google Assistant and Alexa. Far from being as complete as Android Tv, Tizen still offers the essentials to have on its TV: Netflix, Amazon among other things for video streaming and to manage your media center it is possible to rely on VLC or Plex for example.

q85r remote control

To orchestrate everything, Samsung provides you with a very nice remote control. Made of brushed aluminum, the very minimalist remote control has something to confuse you during the first hours of use. But once you pass this milestone, the remote control is very pleasant to use on a daily basis. Exit the numbered keys and all the keys that are used little. Here you will simply:

  • Shortcut keys to Netflix, Amazon Video and Rakuten Video
  • a volume key and a channel key which must be moved up or down,
  • a home, back and play / pause touch,
  • a button to activate Google Assistant or Bixby and an Ambient Mode button,
  • Finally the power key.

Samsung 55Q85R: Clubic’s user review

Excellent TV, the Samsung QE55Q85R remains even today the best value for money for those looking for a QLED TV. Indeed released a year ago, today many traders are making big discounts on this TV. The high end of Samsung is an excellent alternative for those who do not want to have an OLED TV. The color fidelity which without being perfect (if you want to be fussy) remains very good and many cinema fans should be able to enjoy watching their favorite film. Finally, the addition of the anti-reflection filter coupled with its brightness peak makes it a television to be prescribed in all the bright living rooms of France and Navarre.

Samsung 55Q85R

+ Maximum brightness of the slab

+ One Connect box

+ TizenOS, a real pleasure to use

+ Anti-reflection filter

– No Dolby Vision support

– Color fidelity in HDR

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