Samsung adds support Google Assistant into their 2020 smart TVs

by Kelvin
Samsung adds support Google Assistant into their 2020 smart TVs

Google Assistant on 2020 Samsung Smart TVs

Bixby, Samsung’s voice assistant, has not materialized as the company expected. It is true that they have tried and to a certain extent have not yet given up, but failed to achieve the expected progress on either mobile phones, much less smart TVs.

Samsung adds support Google Assistant

That’s why the company long ago decided to open the door to other voice assistants. Alexa came first, and it was a major improvement at the time when it came to voice control of the TV and other connected devices in the home. Not forgetting the integration it also offers with some apps and online services.


Now they are opening a new channel of communication and integrate Google Assistant … Google Voice Assistant is now also available on Samsung smart TVs, but not all, only 2020 models.

Samsung adds support Google Assistant into their 2020 smart TVs 2

That’s all to be exact. Samsung Smart TVs That Can Use Google Assistant:

  • 2020 4K & 8K QLED Series
  • Crystal UHD 2020 Series
  • Frame
  • Serif
  • Gray
  • Terrace

So now you know that if you have one of these models, you only need to check if all the updates have been applied so that you can start using Google Assistant on your TV.

Advantages Google Assistant on Smart TV

Samsung Crystal UHD 2020 TU8005 Anything you can ask Google Assistant, the search engine’s voice assistant, is well known to many. Although it is most often used in smart speakers or through a mobile phone, and not so much in TVs, it can be just as useful in them.

For starters, you can use Assistant for anything like Alexa. Also, in this case, it turns Samsung TVs into a new home hub. Which, given that this doesn’t rule out either Bixby or Alex, is very interesting.

For example, you can use Alexa to control lights or other home automation devices and Google Assistant for everything related to Google services … This way, from your TV, you can see if you have upcoming appointments in your calendar, search for location information in Google Maps, or revisit photos of your last vacation in Google Photos.

Thus, the benefits Google Assistant on 2020 Samsung Smart TVs will depend in part on how you can use it. If you’ve barely used it on other devices, you probably won’t do it here either. However, it’s worth integrating it and experimenting daily to see if it benefits depending on how you use your TV.