Samsung already has its Samsung ready Galaxy A30s and A50s

by Kelvin
Galaxy  A30 and A50

Yesterday Samsung unveiled the new Samsung Galaxy A10s, an improved model and with more battery for the Samsung range Galaxy A Series 2019. Now the brand is preparing new phones to increase the family and the mid-range. The Korean company will launch ā€œSā€ models of the main Samsung range models Galaxy TO. Improved models that will arrive soon and of which there are already some clues.

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Some Samsung models Galaxy They have gone through the Wi-Fi Alliance certification and thanks to this we can have some clues about them. They just certified the Samsung Galaxy A30s and the Samsung Galaxy A50s so it is expected that mobile phones will not take long to arrive and be officially presented in the market.

Samsung Galaxy A30s and A50s

The passage of telephones through certification confirms that Samsung is already working on these models but also that they are expected for the next weeks. In the case of Samsung Galaxy A30s has arrived with the model number Sm-A307FN / DS and the Samsung A50s arrives with the model number SM-A507FN / DS.

The cards do not show all the technical details of both terminals but we do know that they will have dual band Wi-Fi capability and that will work with Android 9 Pie as the launch operating system.

According to expert speculation, the new Samsung Galaxy A30s would arrive with more than 4,000 mAh of battery exceeding the current model. And I would also bet on a triple camera configuration, compared to the dual camera of the A30. It would also be very possible that this phone bet on an Exynos 7885 chip with 3 and 4 GB versions of RAM although to confirm it we would have to wait a few weeks for Samsung to officially launch its new phones.

Samsung Galaxy A50s tIt is also expected with improvements in the camera and with a total of four sensors in the rear, like other mobiles of the brand. The battery would grow, according to Samsung's trend, and at least we would have 4,500 mAh more than enough to hold more than one day of use on a single charge.

In a matter of weeks we will know all the details of these phones that are already ready to launch. Once they are ready, we will tell you all their official features and how they improve the current model.

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Galaxy  A30 and A50