Samsung announces its Q900 QLED 8K TVs for up to $ 90,000 in the Brazilian market

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Samsung anuncia suas TVs Q900 QLED 8K por até R$90mil no mercado brasileiro

Samsung announced at an event to its new QLED 8K TVs to the Brazilian market. The model Q900 has televisions of 65, 75, 82, and 98 inches and promises 8K high resolution images with perfect color, brightness and contrast. TVs will be available for prices starting at R $ 24,999 and arrive up to R $ 89,999 in Brazil.

High quality images produced in 4K have a total of 8 million pixels, already in 8K are made by about 33 million pixels. The image below is from Samsung's own launch event in Brazil which demonstrates the quality difference in both versions: 8K and 4K and also shows the quality of upscaling (video converter that transforms image resolution).

Samsung announces its Q900 QLED 8K TVs for up to $ 90,000 in the Brazilian market 1

The Q900 is equipped with the Quantum 8K processor, Which is responsible for the Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is present on the television. This is important for upscaling, which is necessary because even though the equipment can display 8K images, content production using this capability is still very insignificant in the market. So Samsung promises to make use of AI to transform the images as close as possible to the 8K experience, even if it comes from different native sources: HD, FHD, UHD, among others. It is important to remember that this guarantees an approximation and does not necessarily mean that the image quality will be equal to content originally made in 8K.

The best image quality is due to darker scenes that make the image more accurate, the brightness is made from 96 and 48 lighting blocks. TVs are equipped with HDR (High dynamic range, makes the dynamic range larger) with maximum potential of 4000 Nits (unit of measure of brightness emitted by the TV), which makes it possible to display more "crystal clear" and detailed images. To the 65 "Q900R the maximum peak is smaller, reaching 3000 Nits. In the images below are images of the 75 ”8k TV, 8K GloboPlay content and the Model Q900, 98” 8k and also the 65 ”, 75” and 82 ”screens:

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The Q900 screen is made with the technology QLED, what does not use organic materials in its composition, which deteriorate faster over time, such as OLED displays. The advantage of this type of technology is that the durability of the equipment promises to be much longer. Samsung says the TV is easy to install and the power cords are disguised, which prevents visual pollution.

TV comes with the app SmartThings10, for the automation of home functions, with a Single Remote Control, and also with Samsung's own personal assistant, Bixby, with direct connection to the smartphone. All of these features are made to optimize the functions that the TV offers and can be modified according to the region and operating system of the smartphone being used.

Sales start day April 6th and the price suggested by Samsung is $ 24,999 for 65 ”TVs, $ 38,999 for 75” and $ 89,999 for 82 ”. The suggested price for the largest screen in the line has not been disclosed and values ​​may change depending on the retail store offering the TVs. Anyone who pre-sells the Q900 gets a Galaxy S10.

Samsung announces its Q900 QLED 8K TVs for up to $ 90,000 in the Brazilian market
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