Samsung announces that the line Galaxy J will be replaced by the series Galaxy THE

by Kelvin
Samsung anuncia que a linha Galaxy J vai ser substituída pela série Galaxy A

The most basic smartphone line of Samsungwhich was known as Galaxy J, now will cease to exist. The channel of YouTube gives Samsung Malaysia confirmed with a video ad that "Now the Galaxy J is Galaxy A "and highlighted some features of the Galaxy A30 and A50, which have already been announced as smartphones intermediates with good cameras and focus on cost effectiveness.


The beginning of the video says: "O Galaxy J, which we know and love, is now Galaxy A ". Right after the video shows the design of the Galaxy A30 and A50 and discloses some brief specifications. Both the smartphones are equipped with a notch droplet in the central part of super AMOLED screenwhich brings the concept Infinity display from Samsung, the Digital scanner is also inserted under the screen.

In addition the video says that the battery has been improved and is larger, but does not specify the exact size, but we already know that both devices have 4000mAh, which promises to arrive by the end of the day. The smartphone will also have support for fast charging. O Galaxy A30 is equipped with a set of two lenses at the rear while the Galaxy A50 will have threeOne of them being an Ultra Wide lens, or wide angle, that can capture more objects in the scene. A flash is positioned just below the set.

The general specifications are not very powerful, as this line was thought to be more affordable, you can see the full specifications of the devices by clicking here. The complete line of Galaxy A consists of the devices: Galaxy A10, Galaxy A20, Galaxy A30, A50, A70 and also the Galaxy A80, which was being called the A90. O Galaxy A10 will be the only handset with only a 13MP camera at the rear, and should also be the cheapest model of all. O Galaxy A80 is expected with a rotary camera that can be used as a selfie camera as well.

The event that will feature the full line Galaxy A will happen tomorrow, day April 10th. There is no date for the commercialization of the models in Brazil, but the Galaxy A30 and A50 are already being sold in some Asian countries.

Via: GSM Arena

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