Samsung: camera sensor Samsung ISCOCELL Bright HMX announced with 108 megapixels

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Samsung: camera sensor Samsung ISCOCELL Bright HMX announced with 108 megapixels

Samsung introduced the Samsung ISOCELL Bright HMX at 108 MP this weekend. The camera sensor is the first mobile image sensor in the smartphone sector with more than 100 megapixel resolution.

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Camera sensor Samsung ISOCELL Bright HMX | (c) Samsung


(c) Samsung

Recently had Xiaomi announced that in a future Redmi device, the 64 MP camera sensor Samsung ISOCELL GW1 sensor will be stuck. The announcement ended with a teaser for a future Mi Series device that would use a Samsung 108-MP sensor capable of capturing 12,032 x 9,024-pixel images. There was not much more to the teaser last week; not even the details of the sensor had Xiaomi announced. Now Samsung has yesterday officially revealed the new sensor.

Tetracell, Smart ISO & 6K videos

Camera sensor Samsung ISOCELL Bright HMX | (c) Samsung

The new sensor is 1 / 1.33 inches tall, so it can absorb more light in low light conditions. Of course, high megapixel mobile sensors rely on some form of pixel binning, and the Bright HMX is no exception. He uses Samsung's Tetracell technology. This allows the sensor to merge four pixels into one and produce brighter 27 megapixel images. The sensor also uses the so-called Smart ISO, which switches to low ISO in bright environments to improve pixel saturation and preselects high ISO in darker scenes. Bright HMX also supports video recording up to 6K (6016 x 3384) at 30 fps.

The 108 MP Samsung ISOCELL Bright HMX is the result of close cooperation between Samsung and Xiaomi. Both companies have worked closely together from the early concept phase to the production of the Bright HMX sensor. Mass production for the Samsung ISOCELL Bright HMX will begin earlier this month.

Neither Samsung nor Xiaomi have yet called a first smartphone with this sensor. However, the rumors do not stop that it will be a device of the Xiaomi Mi series. Specifically, industry insiders always talk about the coming Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 will become the first device with this sensor, It remains to be seen how the competitors react to this development, especially since Realme has actually been able to present a prototype of a 64 MP device on 8 August.

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Source: Samsung, XDA Developers via Samsung

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