Samsung confirms by mistake the existence of Galaxy A90 5G and A91

by Kelvin
Samsung confirma por error la existencia del Galaxy A90 5G y del A91

Samsung has proposed this year 2019 to improve its mid-range and for this, it seems that it has decided to present dozens of different phones to cover any niche of users from just over 100 euros in price to over 600 (yes, we continue talking about midrange). The last rumors about his big family phone to present Galaxy TO, is the Samsung Galaxy A90 and the Galaxy A90 5G, two terminals that will arrive with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, so they are already high-end phones in features.

In addition, this phone would be the first of the brand outside the Galaxy S o Note in having 5G connectivity. It was almost a month ago when we talked about Samsung Galaxy They would arrive during 2020, as their list of names had been confirmed. Today we have seen how Samsung itself confirms the design of both Samsung Galaxy A90 5G as of Galaxy A91 on its official website.


The Galaxy A91 will have 45 W load, but not the A90 5G

It has been on the sale page of Samsung's 45 W charger for Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ where the name of these two devices has been confirmed. Specifically on the Thai page of Samsung. In it, by clicking on the tab that shows more specifications about the charger, we can see some of the models with which it will be compatible and with what power it will be with each of them.

In the image that you will find on these lines, you can see the list of compatible phones with this 45 W charger. At the moment, the only phones of the brand that have been presented that are compatible with this charging speed, are the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ and Note 10+ 5G It is because of that we are curious that the brand has included Samsung Galaxy A91 in this list, a phone we do not expect to see until next year.

At the bottom of the list, we can see the phones that are compatible with this charger, but with 25 W of output power. Among them, we find acquaintances, such as the Samsung Galaxy A70 or the Galaxy S10 Again, Samsung has confirmed the existence of a phone not presented, because on that list we can also see Samsung Galaxy A90 5G, phone that should be presented shortly, but of which no official details are yet known.

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