Samsung could merge the series Galaxy Note Y Galaxy S

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Samsung is one of the brands that has most expanded its portfolio in recent times. The Chinese scourge has caused the birth of the family Galaxy To and Galaxy M How good results it is giving to the Korean firm. However, beyond expanding, Samsung might be thinking about reduce portfolio, being able to even eliminate the very same from their future plans Galaxy Note.

Samsung Galaxy Note It will go down in history as one of the bravest bets in the mobile phone industry. The terminal offered a huge screen so that it also surprised, by incorporate a pen compatible with the touch panel, at a time when the "stylus" had been banished for years. Now, the differences between the Samsung Galaxy S and the Galaxy Note 10 are narrower than ever.

Do youGalaxy One?

The launch of the Galaxy Note year after year, regardless of its technical improvements, it seems to become improved versions of the Galaxy S10 Now and according statements of the famous leaker Evan Blass, Samsung could have a mind a change of strategy lies. This change would happen by merging both devices into a single family. This could mean the end of the family Galaxy Note, in a kind of fusion called Galaxy One that would see the light for the first time in 2020. These terminals would continue to be compatible with the S-Pen to continue to maintain the expectations of family lovers Galaxy Note.

Evan Blass Galaxy One


Folding space

If the information is true and materialized, Samsung could present a new “Galaxy One or Galaxy S11 with S-Pen during the second half of the year, and cover the gap left by the Galaxy Note to show year after year its new releases in the world of folding mobiles, that is, the successors of the current Galaxy Fold. However, and it goes without saying, everything will depend largely on the success of the folding smartphone, which is about to go on sale.

Galaxy  S11 concept

The leak seems to make sense, if we think that the development of two flagship families every year is a huge deployment of resources for Samsung. The company will continue with the mid-range series aimed at fight with the Chinese scourge, a flagship family and the development of its folding. We take the information with tweezers, but if we are right, we will soon begin to hear more news about it.

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