Samsung creates smart TV theft lock

by Kelvin
Samsung cria bloqueio contra furto de smart tvs. Bloqueio contra furto de smart tv da samsung é capaz de bloquear todas as funções do aparelho roubado de forma remota

Samsung Smart TV Theft Lock is able to remotely lock all functions of the stolen device

After a theft of smart TVs at a company warehouse in South Africa, the Samsung announced that she can lock devices remotely. The company said that after the theft this function was activated, and that all branded devices have this functionality pre-installed.

How smart TV theft lock works

The function, unsurprisingly called “Television blocking function“, is pre-installed on all smart TVs from Samsung, according to an official statement. Also in the statement, the company says that the function is a method to ensure that TVs are only used by their true owners, from the presentation of proof of purchase. For now, however, it is not known whether the function was made to combat only large-scale robberies or whether it can be used by the final owners of the brand’s appliances, in the event of a robbery in their homes or other types of theft.


For the smart TV theft lock to work, the Samsung need the serial number of the stolen device. After this step, when the TV is connected to the Internet, its number will be verified and if it is on the robbery list, all its functions will be disabled. In the case of theft in the South Africa, the process of activating the function was easy, as the devices were stolen from the company’s own warehouse, which has control over the serial number of each product present in it.

However, if accidentally a user who actually owns a TV gives Samsung have your device locked, they can send your proof of purchase, such as an invoice, and your TV’s serial number to your company contact to have your TV unlocked.

As stated above, all Smart TV gives Samsung comes standard with the pre-installed function blocking program. This includes even the brand’s newest lines, such as the Neo QLED 4K and 8K, which have technology of Quantum Mini LED; the line Micro LED; line QLED and also the line Crystal UHD.

Source: The Verge, Bleeping Computer

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