Samsung CRG9 Gaming Monitor review


Immersion is a great thing when it comes to playing games. Virtual reality could have done its best so far, because it puts you right in the middle of the action. But, the game is limited right now. The Samsung CRG9 gaming monitor is the closest to it, placing a wide screen before your eyes, so that your edge vision is covered by gaming.

I have this monitor on my desk when I write this first paragraph for not even an hour, and I really want it already. Ashamed for £ 1,000 at the time of writing this review. Samsung provided our unit tests, so yell at them.



The Samsung CRG9 gaming monitor is very large. And that is not too trivial. I am currently running my main game setup on the table chosen by YouTuber, the IKEA Linnmon wooden top with two Alex drawers. My desk leans to the left, and the monitor barely fits. You will need a large enough space to activate it and run it properly.

Monitor size approx. 1.2 meters wide, and that's almost as tall as me mentally. Samsung calls the 32: 9 ratio, which is almost equivalent to the two standard wide-screen monitors on your desktop, but without a center bezel.

But the Samsung CRG9 montior can also be considered something beautiful. Heavy Beauty This item weighs a ton. I also don't want to keep it on my Linnmon desk for long for fear of bending under a load.

The four bezels are quite thin, with the left, right, and top being plain black, and the bottom being metallic gray. It looks very modern and will fit a minimalist table.

On the back there are two DisplayPort 1.4s, an HDMI 2.0 and USB 3.0 input. That is confusing. All of this can be covered with the included plastic sheath, which will thread the cable through the back of a single hole. What is disappointing is that there is no cable routing option in the bracket.

Also, there is a picture-in-picture function for multiple inputs. For example, you can set up PS4 Pro or Xbox One X using HDMI in the middle of the monitor and guides from the desktop on the other side using DisplayPort. Very intuitive and makes extraordinary smooth adjustments.


What else can you say except … this monitor really destroyed it in terms of performance? That's right.Of course, this monitor will take you back to over £ 1,000, but boy is the image you're expecting a little less spectacular.

Samsung CRG9 has one of its typical QLED panels and provides a maximum brightness of 1,000 nits. It supports HDR1000 and it really shows.

I don't have much in terms of ultra-wide gameplay, but the two that I play are Counter Strike: Global Offensive, which looks very bright and very deep with additional proportions on the monitor, and Planet Zoo, where ALL colors really appear on screen. , and gave me a lot of space for my menu.

Although this is not an eSports monitor, despite having a refresh rate of 120Hz, the G2G response time is close to 4ms. There are better options on the market if you want a faster monitor. But for those of you who are relaxed, there is nothing better, nothing that gives you a deeper experience in your game.

Samsung CRG9 Gaming Monitor review 1

This monitor can reach up to 125% of the sRGB spectrum, which is why these colors appear so much and look very vibrant, and even media consumption via Netflix looks very bright. Be careful, if you watch standard 16: 9 media, or if you play games that don't support very wide screens, you are stuck with black bars on both sides of the image.

Finally, I want to talk about media production, because I use Premiere Pro a lot here to do it YouTube The video Having so much space on one screen is a real benefit, because my timeline stretches right across the bottom of the monitor and there is enough room to keep the most common panels open in my window. It really was an incredible experience.

To let you know, I am running an Intel i7-9700 processor with 32GB of RAM and GTX1070TI. Of course, it's not the most powerful platform on the market, especially when it comes to graphics performance, but I've never seen a real problem with my testing. Not that I managed to get the graphics in the game to go Ultra, but with a resolution of 5120 × 1440, I managed to run the game well.


I mean, what else can I say? The Samsung CRG9 gaming monitor is truly a sight to see. We can try some weird things that are real here sometimes at TechNuovo, but I don't expect anything like this. The game feels super immersive and everything I need for my media production can be right in front of my eyes. Color is also really extraordinary which is a huge plus.

I want this monitor to drop in price, that's probably my biggest complaint. This is very expensive, but if you have money to spend, space on your desk, and hardware to boot, then you're a fool if you don't buy one.