Samsung DeX Tested by Chicago Police to Replace PCs

by Kelvin

Samsung announced this week that it is working in partnership with the Chicago police to swap in-car computers for DeX. While still testing, the goal of using a screen-mounted smartphone in place of the PC is to give the police officer more mobility, who can carry the system with them at all times.

samsung dex in the police car


DeX is a platform created by Samsung that opens a different altered interface from Android, which looks similar to a PC desktop and appears when a compatible smartphone or tablet is connected to an external monitor. It's still limited to what Android can do, but for Chicago police it's enough.

Through Samsung DeX the policeman will be able to analyze a suspect, report firearm shots, and access real-time surveillance cameras. Since the PC is a mobile phone, it will also serve as a tool for recording audio, filming and photographing as needed without the use of other equipment. The in-car computer is already portable, but putting a smartphone in your pocket and just plugging it into a cable that is in the vehicle is even more portable.

Samsung DeX Tested by Chicago Police to Replace PCs 2

Samsung says there is a 15% savings in total cost of service during the first year, up to 32% in subsequent years – as a smartphone may be cheaper than a computer.

The tests will be focused on the eleventh police district of Chicago and all officers serving at this location will receive a smartphone. Galaxy, to put in the dock that will be installed in cars.

With information: Samsung.

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