Samsung durability test is here Galaxy Note 10+

by Kelvin

I sincerely admire the courage of YouTuber Zack from JerryRigEverything. It really takes courage to be able to do so much evil to smartphones, especially high-end models. That said, the latest victim of this YouTuber is the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G. It fell into his hands and was tested to marrow. Now the question that arises. O Note Is 10+ a really sturdy model or not at all? One thing is right. There he is handsome. Or it was before the test.

Samsung durability test is here Galaxy Note 10+

The test begins immediately in the most brutal way. They split the S-Pen in half to look inside. This way we can see all the parts that allow us to locate and charge the pen. However Samsung solved a problem that in the previous model allowed to insert the S-Pen in reverse.


However, the test confirms the durability of Gorilla Glass 6 glass that is present at the top and bottom of this device. In addition, the material used in the rest of the body is aluminum. That is, it is not steel as had been stated by Samsung on an earlier occasion.

However as the test proceeds, the deeper hazards do not seem to bother this equipment. Nor is the functionality of the fingerprint reader affected.

to Samsung Galaxy Note  10+

Among YouTuber states that the Galaxy Note 10+ is very sturdy. Despite the size of the smartphone it does not fold easily. That is, one more point in favor of Samsung's new bet.

In fact, this outfit did very well. Even in the lighter test things went well. After 20 seconds of shooting, the pixels were able to fully recover, which is undoubtedly good news.

Samsung durability test is here Galaxy Note  10+ 2

The samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is undoubtedly a great machine. It has an excellent design and is even breaking pre-booking records in the country of origin. Leak is already testing it and as such is counting on the test soon.

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