Samsung Earlier Review AppleFollowed

by Kelvin
Samsung Earlier Review AppleFollowed

Samsung before Apple'S new phone models criticized the removal of the headphone jack. But recently Galaxy Note The company introducing 10, AppleHe followed in his footsteps and removed the headphone jacks on his new phones.

South Korean technology giant's new smart phone Galaxy Note 10Shortly after his introduction, it turned out that he had removed an ad video he published 2 years ago. Picture of Samsung YouTube The video was shared by the account in November 2017. iPhone XDalga There was a mockery about the lack of a headphone jack and the comparison between Samsung users and iPhone users.

Specifically, a video iPhone In order to charge his phone and to listen to music at the same time, the user had to use a two-point dongle.


But AppleSon in recent years Huawei Like many other brands also lifted the headphone ports on their new phones. 2 years ago AppleCriticizing Samsung new smart phone Galaxy Note For the first time along with the 10, it was keeping up with this new train.

Galaxy Note The 3.5mm headphone jack removed at 10 indicates an increase in battery capacity of approximately 100 mAh. The headphones that you want to attach to the phone also allow the device to charge. USB-C can be used by connecting a dongle. It is also possible to use the phone with wireless headphones.

Samsung’ 2 years ago 'Samsung Galaxy: Growing Up ' Apple commercial video, which is mocked by YouTubeHas been removed from.

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