Samsung Galaxy A10s is the new bet for the economic segment

by Kelvin
Samsung Galaxy A10s Android smartphone

Samsung Galaxy A10s is the new bet for the economic segment 3

It is one of the most sought after lines of the South Korean giant and now has a new element. Nicknamed the Samsung Galaxy 10s, the new Android smartphone brings essential components to the "era of now." That is, we have an even larger battery here, plus a V-shaped infinity notch screen.

Unlike the current model, the A10, the new iteration has serious improvements.


Within the renewed mid-range (and input) of Samsung, the Galaxy A represents a careful balance between the characteristics and the final price. As a result, the leading manufacturer closely monitors market trends and has now decided to update the most economical Android smartphone in its line Galaxy TO.

The new Samsung smartphone arrived Galaxy A10s

As the name implies, from the same base (Galaxy A10), we have improvements here. The first is an increase in battery capacity, now with a capacity of 4000 mAh. In addition, we also have the inclusion of a fingerprint reader on the back of the smartphone. Something that is missing from its predecessor.

We also found an Infinity-V screen, a notch in the form of a drop of water or a tear. Already at its lower edge we still have a remarkable margin, but with rounded corners. Something that helps give this Samsung Galaxy A10s look more careful and contemporary.

Above we can contemplate its rear panel, as well as the new color schemes. Namely, we have here red, green, black and finally blue. These are aesthetic changes that will help captivate the consumer, making him the successor to the cheapest smartphone in the entire Samsung line Galaxy TO.

A new economic bet for the Android sphere

With a 6.2-inch screen and HD + resolution, so 720 x 1520 pixels, we have here an input option. Also note that we are in the presence of a TFT screen, with the highlight falling into its notch in "V" and the speaker just above. There we also found the 8 MP front camera (f / 2.0).

Inside we have an octa-core processor with 4 cores at 2.0 GHz and 4 cores at 1.5 GHz. Then, at the RAM level, we find 2 GB, plus 32 GB of expandable internal storage through a microSD card. Something that will already expand the capabilities of the smartphone in question.

Samsung Galaxy A10s is the new bet for the economic segment 4

We also found a main camera, now double, with a 13 MP sensor and a focal aperture of f / 1.8, while the second camera, which adds depth to the image, has 2 MP. In practice, it will be used primarily to provide a more realistic bokeh to images.

We also point out the presence of the fingerprint reader on its back, something that is missing from its direct predecessor. For the consumer, this represents the addition of an alternative and practical unlocking method. Even so, you can continue using the unlock through facial recognition, which is also present.

Finally, we point to the Android Pie 9.0 operating system, with the Samsung interface, One UI. Now, we have to wait for the arrival of the Samsung market Galaxy A10s, in addition to the disclosure of its price.

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