Do you remember Samsung Galaxy A5 2017, a device that we met as soon as 2017 began with simple features for less demanding users? Well, it seems that the company intends to bring it back to life, although this time more adapted to the new times. This is stated by the Indian medium 91Mobiles, who maintains that it will land on the market with the model number SM-A015F, becoming the most economical terminal of the family Galaxy TO.

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Apparently it would adopt the same name as the 2017 model because it would include benefits below those of Samsung Galaxy A10 From what we know of this model, it would have a design very similar to that of its range brothers, with a water drop shaped notch, reduced frames and a clean and tidy backside, in which the company logo and a fingerprint reader would be present, without forgetting the camera module.

At the level of features, the Samsung Galaxy A5 would include a 5.7-inch screen and a storage capacity of 16 GB (expandable through the use of microSD cards). Everything indicates that it would be governed by Android 10, the latest version of the Google mobile platform. Given to which the family Galaxy A's main objective is to rival face-to-face with Chinese manufacturers such as Xiaomi, the most logical thing is that this Galaxy A5 was manufactured to compete directly with devices such as the Redmi 7A or Redmi 8A. This means that we expect a terminal below 100 euros.

For now we have no more information about this Samsung Galaxy TO 5. We do not know processor, photographic section, RAM or battery. In any case, it is very likely that in the coming weeks we can give you more details to give you a better idea of ​​what the South Korean would be preparing for the entry range. Lor what is evident is that this has been the year of the family Galaxy TO. To all the mobiles that we have been knowing throughout 2019, reviews that include the letter β€œS” and that improve the performance of terminals already on sale have been added in recent weeks. It is the case of Samsung Galaxy A50s, Galaxy A30s or Galaxy A20s, to which a better camera, battery or storage has been added.

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