Samsung Galaxy A50 is the best-selling smartphone in Europe

by Kelvin

Samsung’s new A-series is doing well in Europe. Of the five most sold phones in Europe, three are of this series: the Galaxy A50 Galaxy A40 and Galaxy A20e. The first is the best-selling phone of the past quarter.


Three of the five most popular smartphones in a row: Galaxy A50, A40 and A20e

Galaxy A50 most-sold telephone

This year Samsung already released six phones in her in the Netherlands Galaxy A series. Now that the J-series no longer exists, this A-series covers the entire spectrum from cheap to just-not-very-expensive. According to Canalys analysts, this approach seems to work. The South Koreans dominate the European top five most-sold phones with three devices in the series.

It is the Galaxy A50 of which the most were sold – 3.2 million copies, for those who want to know exactly. The second place is the somewhat more compact Galaxy A40, with 2.2 million devices. The third place is for Xiaomi, of which the Redmi Note 7 it is also doing very well here, followed by the Galaxy A20e. Apple just managed to crawl into fifth place with the iPhone XR, with 1.8 million units sold. Nobody is surprised that Huawei is suffering from the political troubles between the US and China.

samsung galaxy a50 best-selling smartphone

Not only does the list show that Samsung's new mid-range devices are popular, but also that high-end devices simply do not dominate the market. For the profit margins of manufacturers are devices like the Galaxy S10 is still important, but with more affordable models you can handle just as well.

We ourselves were very enthusiastic about the Galaxy A50 and Galaxy A40 – and a little less about the Galaxy A20e, which nevertheless does well. The 6.7 inch Galaxy Due to its size, A70 appears to be a bit more of a niche model, despite the excellent price-quality ratio.

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