Samsung Galaxy Fold 2: The RAZR 2019's heavyweight competitor

by Kelvin

The smartphones folding machines have not yet been released. However, the market is already boiling. We are looking forward to the Galaxy Fold and also the Huawei Mate X which have in common that they fold vertically, although they employ different approaches. Now and to make it even more interesting, let's take a new approach in the field of folding, the Galaxy Fold 2.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2: The RAZR 2019's heavyweight competitor

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Above is a functional prototype of a 6.2-inch Sharp model that folds horizontally. All in a shell style we were used to for years. Now this is the style that Samsung wants to bring to life in the successor of Galaxy Fold. The possible major competitor of the RAZR 2019 will have a 6.7 inch screen and also folds horizontally.

At the worldwide intellectual property organization, the Let’s Go Digital team was able to get their hands on the detailed patents Samsung has applied for. That said, they reveal exactly what the new Galaxy Fold. If the rumors are correct, mass production will begin in November for launch in spring 2020.

The 6.7-inch main screen, which folds into shell shape, joins another one-inch screen. This second screen will be outside for notifications as well as revealing the date and time.

Galaxy Fold  2:

Looking at these features, we quickly realize that Samsung wants to focus on portability rather than huge screen space.

O Galaxy Fold coming out next month is more a tablet than anything else. The new approach is totally portable.

It is good to see that despite the problems of the Fold, Samsung decided to continue betting on this product category.

In fact, many manufacturers are betting on folding. Another equipment that is preparing to compete in this segment is the RAZR 2019. It should be cheaper than Samsung and bet on mid-range features. The data is released and no doubt we will have a very interesting 2020.

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