Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 to show 8 Inch screen, protection from …

by Kelvin

We have heard rumors about Samsung Galaxy Fold two At the moment, some even suggest changing the format, to vertical, clamshell. Today we learn that the devices will have a larger screen, 8-inch screen and flexible glass protection.

Scheduled to debut in early 2020, this device will fix everything wrong with the first Galaxy Fold and we are sure it will not include notches. The Korean media writes that we will get a bigger screen and a new type of screen protection. Which is currently influenced by disputes between Japan and Korea.


This is because the plastic film is currently made by the Japanese company Sumitomo, from polyimide and is below the restrictions imposed by Japan. Samsung should look for screen protection elsewhere and choose the company's DoInsys service. Corning and Schott also continue to play, proposing their own version of flexible glass protection. The protective film (tempered glass) was made with Galaxy Fold 2 in mind

Temporarily called UTG (Ultra Thin Glass), it is clearly more resistant to scratches and cracks compared to polyimide protective films, which Galaxy Fold have now. Mass production of DoInsys panels started in 2020 and the results have been better than expected. Now, if the notches can improve …

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