Samsung Galaxy Fold By not performing early and sand tests, …


Than Galaxy Fold is Samsung's new ambitious perspective on what smartphones can do and what smartphones can be seen today. Samsung Galaxy Fold Initially released in April 2019, but Samsung immediately withdrew it due to a number of issues related to the design and durability of cell phones. Samsung brought the phone back to the drawing board and found a solution to some of the problems faced by mobile phones.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Samsung is relaunching it after making some changes to the phone's design to make it stronger and more difficult to remove the screen protection film that caused problems with the previous version of the device. The relaunch was announced at IFA 2019, where a new cell phone was ready to show.


The popular YouTuber is JerryRigEverything, famous for its scratch and bend tests on mobile devices. YouTube get a new samsung Galaxy Fold and ran a series of tests on Samsung's latest flip phones. Samsung Galaxy Fold survived the bend test and the flame test; However, both the initial test and the sand test failed. [/ embed]

After starting the cell phone, the cell phone displays a series of warnings that say prevent the user from pressing hard on the screen, do not allow foreign objects to enter, avoid applying screen protectors on the screen and keep Galaxy Fold away from magnetic objects like credit cards Galaxy Fold Contains a magnet to attach it to the folded position. This means you cannot save it Galaxy Fold along with your wallet in your pocket.

In the Scratch test, the phone works normally on the external screen, but it works very poorly on the internal screen. Samsung's warnings should be taken seriously because nails can damage the screen. In a dustproof test, YouTuber sprays dust on the screen and closes the folded screen. When the phone is opened, the sand particles are already inside the hinge and make some scratches on the screen.

This test shows that Samsung Galaxy Fold As revolutionary as it is, it is very fragile. This can be damaged even by some residual dust in your pants pocket. Samsung clearly knew about the fragility of its new device and released a video where it told users to take care of their Samsung. Galaxy Fold like "An amazing smartphone because it's worthy of attention like no other." [/ embed]

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