Samsung Galaxy Fold Confirm your departure date and price: 2,000 euros

by Kelvin
Samsung Galaxy Fold  Confirm your departure date and price: 2,000 euros

Samsung Galaxy Fold  Confirm your departure date and price: 2,000 euros 3

It was presented at the beginning of the year, finally ending with months and months of rumors and leaks: Samsung Galaxy Fold and its novel concept of flexible screen must have been released exactly three months ago, the April 26 But 4 days before the date, Samsung itself issued a statement announcing that the terminal was going to be delayed. The reason? "Needs to some additional improvements to ensure the best possible user experience. In order to analyze these comments in detail and perform more internal tests, we have decided to postpone the launch of the Galaxy Fold"

Dates and prices for Samsung Galaxy Fold

Apparently, "lThe initial results of the analysis of the incidents on the screens we have heard about show that these could be due to impacts on the most exposed areas of the hinge, its upper and lower part. We have also known an incident in which substances found inside the device affected the performance of the screento". This technical problem forced to delay a mobile that was going to make history, being the first to bring the flexible design to the market of the smartphones.


And after several months, it was learned that Samsung Galaxy Fold I was going to arrive at the stores in September 2019. But what day exactly? That is precisely what the company has revealed today: the launch date of its first flexible mobile, which tomorrow will be released in South Korea. This is the calendar:

  • South Korea – September 6
  • France, Germany, United Kingdom – September 18
  • Spain – mid october

And this is the official price, confirmed today also by the company. Obviously it will not be cheap because right now it is totally new technology, but if it becomes massively adopted as expected – practically all companies work on their own flexible smartphone – that price will go down without a doubt:

  • Samsung Galaxy Fold: 2,000 euros
  • Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G (Germany and United Kingdom only): 2,100 euros

The improvements applied to Galaxy Fold

Samsung Galaxy Fold  Confirm your departure date and price: 2,000 euros 4

During these 12 weeks, Samsung has been dedicated to “the necessary improvements and performing rigorous tests that validate the proposed changes ”, so that this new version of Galaxy Fold Do not repeat the problems detected in the original model. The company notes that the new changes are as follows:

  1. The Infinity Flex Display screen protection layer It has extended beyond the bezel, making it clear that it is an integral part of the screen structure and should not be removed.
  2. Additional reinforcements for better device protection before external particles, keeping intact its characteristic flexible experience:
  3. The top and bottom of the hinge have been reinforced with new protective caps.
  4. Have been incorporated additional metal layers under the Infinity Flex Display, to reinforce its protection.
  5. The space between the hinge and the body of Galaxy Fold has been reduced.

Samsung's first flexible mobile

Galaxy Fold It is designed to offer new experiences: when it is closed, the user can easily access the most used applications with one hand and when it opens you can explore, thanks to its 7.3 inch Infinity Flex Display, new ways to perform several tasks at the same time, such as watching videos or playing, among other options.

With the Galaxy Fold folded over itself you can quickly record a video, and to watch it on a larger screen, just open it and the continuity application will transfer the video from the cover to the main screen without problems. With the Multi-Active window you can run several applications at the same time in real time and perform multiple tasks effectively: edit images, view the photo gallery and read emails from friends and colleagues, all at the same time. With the 5G version, users of Galaxy Fold They can take full advantage of the faster speeds of their operators.

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