Samsung Galaxy Fold  I could definitely arrive next week 1After Samsung failed launch Galaxy Fold Back in April, it seems that his presentation is closer than ever. The company itself confirmed that September would be the month chosen to begin with the distribution of the terminal in those countries where the sale was going to take place initially. Now a well-known Korean media says that the presentation of the phone will arrive in a few days; specifically at the IFA in Berlin.


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Samsung Galaxy Fold It would start selling in a few days

This is indicated by Yna, a well-known technological medium based in South Korea who says the company will start selling its star terminal from next week.

According to the data of the aforementioned medium, the sale of the terminal it would take place on September 6 in South Korea after a global presentation at the IFA of the German capital. Weeks later, specifically at the end of September, the launch would expand to the United States and China.

Samsung Galaxy Fold  I could definitely arrive next week 2As for the rest of the countries, the medium itself ensures that there is no information regarding the distribution of the device globally. Apparently, Samsung would have prepared a first run of between 20,000 and 30,000 mobiles to be initially distributed among the countries mentioned above.

The reasons for this should be due to the optimization of the manufacturing process to ensure the integrity of the terminals. Also for control problems related to device hardware (screen, hinge …) that could appear in the first units. Recall that, according to the latest rumors, the company could have made changes in the structure of the phone and the screen, a screen that now would have full protection on its glass through a protector that would cover the entire surface.

The latest rumors also ensure that the screen structure could be covered with a sheet of metal to avoid the bumps that appeared on the surface after a prolonged period of use. We will have to wait next week to see if all the improvements introduced by the company fall in a sack or finally solve Samsung's problems Galaxy Fold seen in the initial release.

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