Samsung Galaxy Fold Scratch failure, sand test on new …

by Kelvin

Samsung Galaxy Fold finally ready to be released again, and the phone is also set to show off at IFA 2019. JerryRigEverything has released a video with a series of hard tests done on the phone, to see how fragile it is. He did bending tests, scratch tests, flame tests and even cleaned the sand, to test the hinge's dust-proof ability. Separately, Samsung also released a new video with many warnings about Samsung. Galaxy Fold, and the amount of necessary treatments.

Speaking of Zack Nelson's first test, the video starts by opening the Samsung box Galaxy Fold, and that shows that the home is a box of filler accessories, Galaxy headphones and manuals. This phone first underwent initial testing and the small outer screen scratched 6, with deeper grooves at 7, similar to most cell phones. The big disappointing interior screen began to scratch the numbers. 2. Furthermore, Nelson can push the scratches to the screen using only his nails as well.


The sides of the phone are made of metal, including the buttons, for easy scratching. During testing, he accidentally bites down on the sides of the screen with his metal scratch tool, and this little action manages to kill all the pixel bars at the top. This leaves a permanent white bar across the top of the screen and renders it unusable in most cases. Jokingly, Nelson compared the toughness of the screen to playing dough, wet bread, and chewing candy for $ 2,000.

The sand test shows that the cell phone won't be able to last a day at the beach, because a bit of sand sprayed on the screen accidentally leads to sand that is permanently grinding inside the hinge. It's a shame the sand gets on the phone so fast. A positive flame test with the screen, both on and off the smallest screen, made a full recovery even after being exposed to fire for more than 10 seconds.

Finally, the curve test shows how strong the hinges are, even after applying a lot of pressure, the phone doesn't crack. The antenna band seems to sag a bit, but the phone as a whole passes the bend test. You can watch the full JerryRigEverything video below:

Come to the new video published by Samsung titled idar Take care of your Galaxy FoldThis details all the things you should do if you are the owner of a new phone. The screen is said to be equipped with a protective film, and the others are not necessary. Looking at Nelson's video, it appears that even a little bit of pressure on the screen to remove or apply protection can cause more damage. The video says to use a light touch, which again confirms that the phone will be damaged if too much pressure is applied. It is said to keep the hinge away from water and dust, and to keep valuables like credit cards and keys away from cell phones, due to the magnet inside the hinge. Of course, if an error occurs, Samsung has it Galaxy Fold Premier service for first class clients.

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