Samsung Galaxy FoldFrom South Korea Great Start!

by Kelvin
Samsung Galaxy FoldFrom South Korea Great Start!

Previous day Samsung, foldable smartphone Galaxy FoldAnnounced on September 6 that it will be reintroduced and sold in South Korea. Although there were some doubts about the price tag of the foldable phone, the device attracted a lot of attention from the first day.

Sold From Day One

Korea HeraldAccording to the report, apparently Galaxy Fold It became very popular as soon as it became available in South Korea. Because all the foldable phones in the first lot are already sold out. The exact number of devices in the first batch is unknown, but according to industry estimates, 1,000 devices are sold by the country's three major distributors.

Samsung Galaxy Fold  South Korea 2


This amount includes online sales and SamsungDoes not include sales from its own stores. So sold Galaxy FoldIf we look at the sum of ’s, this number can be much more. Actually Galaxy S or Galaxy Note Compared to the sales figures of the series, the 1,000 sales figures may seem quite low. But for the first day of a device, the first of its kind, it is an impressive sales figure.

Sold for $ 1,980

Galaxy Fold South Korea $ 1,980 (approximately $ 11,300) price tag. So in order to get this foldable smartphone, you have to pay twice as much as you would for a normal flagship phone.

We need to wait and see for a while before the questions can be answered, such as to what extent the device can overcome the previous problems and how durable it is. However, as of the first day Galaxy FoldCan be said to have made a great start.

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