Samsung Galaxy New Details About S11!

by Kelvin
Samsung Galaxy New Details About S11!

Recently Galaxy Note Introducing 10 Samsung, now also Galaxy S11 series is preparing to introduce smartphones. Although not yet introduced Galaxy The features of the S11 have already begun to emerge!

South Korean technology giant, Galaxy Note 10 has re-mobilized the smartphone market. However, the unit price of 11 thousand TL in Turkey exceed our country Samsung seems to be pushing a lot of fans.

Galaxy Note After 10, now all eyes Galaxy S11Has been converted to.


Forecasts and Expectations

Samsung Galaxy The S11 has yet to be announced, but some experts and Samsung fans expect the new phone to be introduced in the first half of 2020.

Samsung Galaxy New Details About S11 2

CCS Insight Analyst Ben Wood"Samsung always prefers the same dates for product introductions. Galaxy It is highly likely that we will see the S devices in February 2020. "

Some trusted technology analysts will also be held in Barcelona on February 24-27, 2020. At the Mobile World Congress He thinks Samsung can unleash its new flagship. If Samsung decides to introduce its new phone at these dates, the company is expected to make a big announcement on February 23 just before the launch.

New Features

Galaxy The most striking feature of the S11 is the camera. According to sources claiming close to the company Galaxy in S11 ISOCELL Bright HMX with 108 MP resolution sensor to be found. If these allegations are true, the first 100 MP will be exceeded on a smartphone and the record will be broken.

Samsung Galaxy New Details About S11 3

Also on the phone 10x optical zoom The camera is also said to be used. Galaxy S11 Plus with Galaxy S11screen resolution 12032×9024 pixels Expected to be.


February 2020 Mobile World Congress (MWC 2020) anticipated Galaxy S11 family it is quite difficult to predict exactly what price tag will be available. But the new flagship Galaxy It is estimated to have a price tag similar to that of the S10. because of Galaxy S11 approximately EUR 799 (approx. TL 5,000) available at starting prices.

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