Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10 + practical review: double Note for 2019


With emergency Galaxy Note 10 Samsung launches its smartphone for the end of summer with confidence. This week we met a new one Galaxy Note 10, and one thing is clear: Samsung did not break this year, and the line Note is growing!

Samsung shows high Galaxy Note 10

Let's first look at different prices and options. Galaxy Note 10 because it is more difficult than usual. Samsung offers Galaxy Note in two versions: with more labels and without labels. The presale begins immediately and you can expect your new notes to ship from August 23.


Basic Galaxy Note 10 has 8 GB RAM and 256 GB memory, which cannot be expanded. It is offered as a smartphone with two SIM cards and costs $ 949. Galaxy Note 10+ have 12 GB RAM and cost $ 1,049 with 256 GB of storage and $ 1,199 with 512 GB. Note 10+ is also a dual SIM smartphone, and the memory can also be expanded.

If you prefer a 5G modem instead of a larger amount of memory, you can also buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G. The price ranges between 1299 and 1399 dollars.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ more

Finally we have a size

Galaxy Note Never one: small and comfortable. The new notes are no exception, at least in the form of Plus. Galaxy Note 10 Plus with 6.8 inch screen are not compact at all, and also relatively wide – the screen aspect ratio 19.5: 9. The 5G version has a screen of the same size.

If you don't like it, you can get the usual Galaxy Note 10, easier to handle 6.3 inch Samsung uses front and back tempered glass to protect the elegant interior. As usual, S-Pen is located in the lower right corner of the smartphone. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 protected from dust and water according to IP68.

New Galaxy Note It also gives the impression of security on the first test outside of certification. This smartphone has perfect results and, just like its predecessor, it looks very reliable. The Galaxy Note Thickness 10 is less than 8 millimeters not too thick or thin; body weight Note 10 Plus is almost 200 grams (compared to 168 grams less Note 10), it feels real in hand.

Camera three sits in the back Galaxy Note 10

Headphone fans will be disappointed. Jack 3.5mm is now part of the story Galaxy Note. Everything that doesn't work wirelessly connects via USB-C. The Bixby button on the left side of the smartphone disappears, connected to the power button on the slider button. He sat to the left under the volume control. The front camera looks through the small hole in the center of the screen. Samsung calls it Infinity-O-Display.

Samsung always offers screens

Samsung's display is a super AMOLED display, at least on flagships, and this also applies to Galaxy Note 10 – fortunately! This new memo screen is a celebration for the eyes, which is not surprising because the UHD resolution + 3040 × 1440 pixels (2280 × 1080 pixels for small Note 10)

Rather, it is brutal contrast, bright colors, and impressive dynamics. Galaxy Note 10 easy to read at any time of the day. Whether you are reading, using the Internet, playing games or watching videos, this screen is first class. You must familiarize yourself with the hole for the front camera or hide it with software.

The main features of Notes are at the bottom of the screen, where the fingerprint sensor is located. With Galaxy According to S10, we are still quite slow and not always reliable. Our first test Galaxy Note 10 gives hope for improvement, unlocks work faster, but this needs to be confirmed in practice when we do a full overhaul.

Samsung Galaxy Note  10 plus practical test 08Display Galaxy Note 10+ is a celebration for the eyes

S-Pen becomes a magic wand

Samsung again became popular on S-Pen. Peña, which from the first day was the only point of sale Galaxy NoteIt remains the same when it comes to hardware, but it has gotten a few millimeters shorter. There are new features for this. With S-Pen's new aerial actions, you can wave your S-Pen like a magic wand in the air to activate movement.

Although this is mostly done in camera apps, the interface is open to all app developers. S-Pen also works as a remote control to open the camera shutter and as a remote control for presentations. You can use a pen, provided you have the proper software, to sign documents in accordance with the law. Samsung can now also change handwritten text to digital.

Samsung Galaxy Note  10 plus practical test 11S Pen has a new feature.

A user interface is still good

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 shipped to clients with Android 9 Pie and a user interface right now. We don't have a schedule to update to Android Q yet, but the next major Android version will be released. A user interface is a system that uses Android is relatively strong and requires appropriate resources.

Over the years, Samsung's software has changed a lot, everything has become more elegant, more mature and uncomplicated. You can adjust the optics using a theme to your liking. Pen function Galaxy Note 10 not available on other smartphones Galaxyotherwise the One One interface is the same as in Galaxy S10 and S10 +.

Samsung new chip launch event

Samsung heart Galaxy Note 10 is the new Exynos 9825, which should provide computing power 20 percent more and 45% more graphics power than Exynos 9820 Galaxy S10 – at least in Europe. In other markets, such as the United States, Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 is used as a processor.

It's a little stronger than Samsung, especially in terms of graphics, but both are some of the fastest smartphone processors on the market. In this way Galaxy Note 10 in the first test works smoothly and quickly, but it looks a bit more comfortable than, say, OnePlus 7 Pro. What kind of smartphone performance in the test will we see when we have it? Galaxy Note 10 as amended.

But one thing is certain: in terms of performance Galaxy Note 10 You will not have a big problem in two or three years, even with 8 or 12 GB RAM Internal memory Galaxy Note 10+ starts with 256GB, 512GB option also available.

Samsung Galaxy Note  10 plus practical test 04The headphone jack is very passive.

The camera Galaxy Note 10+ based on proven technology

The camera Galaxy Note 10 adjustments, as far as possible, with Samsung cameras Galaxy S10 Overall, this is good news, because Samsung cameras can convince in most situations during our recovery.

As such we are dealing with a triple camera with an ultra wide angle lens, normal focal length and dual zoom lens. Galaxy Note 10+ comes with a TOF camera to determine depth. Triple cameras are as follows:

  • 16-megapixel, 123-degree, ultra-wide angle camera, f / 2.2
  • Normal focal length 12- megapixels, f / 1.5 and f / 2.4, OIS, 4K videos at 60 frames per second, HDR10 +
  • 12 megapixel telephoto lens, OIS, f / 2.1Zoom 2x
  • TOF (only for Galaxy Note 10+)

In addition, there is a 10-megapixel front camera, f / 2.2 aperture, autofocus, and direct focus. Video fans will love the Super Steady mode and what's called Zoom-In Mic. Result Galaxy Note More than 10 directional microphones so you can hear what is shown in the video. New is the direct focus feature in the video, but in our first test Galaxy Note 10 still made some mistakes. Maybe it's better with the final firmware.

Samsung Galaxy Note  10 plus practical test 03Only in Galaxy Note More than 10 additional TOF cameras

Difference in battery and charging speed

Galaxy Note 10 is designed as a hard worker, so you need a strong battery. A little Note 10 its capacity is 3500 mAh, please enter Galaxy Note 10+ – 4300 mAh. Good values, true resistance must be seen in our full review of the new bonds. Two new smartphones Galaxy they differ in loading speed. Galaxy Note More than 10 watts can be charged up to 45 watts, and small ones only 25 watts. Galaxy Note More than 10 wireless rates up to 20 watts, while the small model costs up to 12 watts

Samsung hand test Galaxy Note  10 Plus 13Kiddo Galaxy Note has a much weaker battery

Samsung Specifications Galaxy Note 10



Screen size

Frontal camera:

Rear camera:


Internal memory:


Core Quantity:

Maximum clock frequency:


161.9 x 76.4 x 7.8 mm
198 g
6.3 in
10 megapixels
12 megapixel camera
8 GB
256 GB
Samsung Exynos 9820
2.7 GHz
2.3 GHz
1.9 GHz

Samsung offers an option

By switching to two screen sizes, Samsung is taking steps that its customers like, because not everyone needs such a big smartphone. Small Note 10 should be more popular in the end, perhaps also because of the lower prices. Both are new smartphones Galaxy – with the 5G version, strictly speaking, three – it has incredible technology and many smart functions. Samsung has once again updated the particular S-Pen. All of this is reason enough to wait for our full Samsung review. Galaxy Note and Note 10+.

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