Samsung Galaxy Note 10 manual now available (English, at least)

by Kelvin

Are you waiting for your new one? Galaxy Note 10 or Note 10 Plus? Or do you just want to know everything in detail? Samsung has already put the English-language manual online. The Dutch version will soon follow.


Samsung Galaxy Note 10 manual

As usual, you get at the Galaxy Note 10 (Plus) soon no hundreds of pages of bookwork included. You will find a shortcut to the (online) manual on the device anyway. Moreover, you can already browse the 258-page document.

Samsung has the Note 10 manual put online. For the time being the English version is available (PDF), but the Dutch version is not yet available. There is one manual for both the Galaxy Note 10, the Note 10 Plus and the Note 10 with 5G connection, so you should read as well as you have the first version. Not all functions shown are on that device, after all (it is of course always indicated).

Air Actions, Game Booster, AR Doodle and more

In any case, we soon encountered no major surprises in the short time that we could dig through the file. Of the different ways you use the Side key – the on off-button – can set up to AR Doodle, and the new one S Pen Air Actions till the Live Focus video mode, everything is neatly described. Moreover, we also see the new ones Game Booster pass, which offers a lot more optimisations than the older ones Game Tools currently on devices like the Galaxy S10 (and many others) can be found.

Of course we also add a link to the Dutch language here Galaxy Note 10 manual as soon as it becomes available.

It will take another week until the Galaxy Note 10 (Plus) is actually in Dutch stores. Of course you can already book one in Samsung’s own shop HERE. There you will also find more information about the Galaxy Note 10 pre-order trade-in promotion.

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