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I'll be honest: I'm not very interested in Galaxy Note 10+ when it debuted four months ago. But as soon as I started using the phone, I was immediately hooked. Than Note 10+ doesn't have a 90Hz panel or other new camera features, and Samsung chooses to focus on fast charging and design.

Gradient pattern Note 10+ stands out right away: This is one of the most beautiful phones Samsung has made to date, and the 45W fast charge paired with a large 4300 mAh battery allows you to use it longer. S Pen has taken on new features too, and overall, you get the best hardware money has to offer.


Samsung has sent Android 10 updates to the phone in late December, with the latest UI update, One UI 2.0. The interface has significant updates that make it better, and it's surprising to see how far Samsung has come to this area in the past two years. This is what I think Galaxy Note 10+ after four months of use.

Galaxy Note 10+ What is withheld

One of the main reasons why I use Samsung's flagship year after year is the AMOLED display. As I said with Galaxy Note 8 and last year Galaxy Note 9, Samsung continues to make a considerable gain in screen quality with Note the Serie

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Of course, Samsung is playing it safely this year using a 60Hz panel instead of a 90Hz screen, but in terms of panel quality, no phones are currently coming up. Note 10+. Interacting with the screen every day is an absolute pleasure: you get very bright colors, an excellent level of contrast and an extraordinary point of view. I am not exaggerating when I say that this is a benchmark for the mobile screen.

Samsung presents an extraordinary screen from year to year, and Note More than 10 continue that legacy.

Samsung also made significant changes to its design language Note 10+. Previous device in Note The series makes use of Samsung's industrial design, but have never really stood out. That doesn't happen with Note 10+, with the Aura Glow edition, one of the most vibrant designs you'll find today.

American Market It doesn't have the crazy design that is common in Asia, but Samsung has done a good job with the gradient pattern in Note 10+. The attractive colors immediately grab your attention, and while it may not be to everyone's liking, I do like what Samsung is doing here. Than Note 10+ is the widest and tallest phone I've used in a long time, and although it takes time to get used to the volume, I like to use giant 6.8-inch screens

Another positive design change is the placement of the front camera part. Than Note 10+ has a camera on the front, and the fact that it's centered makes it much less discreet. The location of the shard also ensures that the status icon is no longer pressed to the right. This may not seem like a big deal, but it makes a big difference in daily use. The cut in S10 + is clearly annoying, and not a problem in Note 10+.

Than Galaxy Note 10+ may not have many innovative features, but Samsung's ability to switch and offer slightly better features with each generation means that you get a powerful mobile here. No glaring hardware issues like the ones you have on Pixels 4 XL and Samsung have made huge profits on the software front for 2019.

I changed my Note 10+ to use 4 XL pixels for a month, and getting back to the Samsung mainstay, it's easy to tell the difference in hardware. When you spend that much money on a phone, you definitely want a device that produces it in the basics. It's absolutely here: with 12GB of RAM as standard and 256GB of UFS 3.0 storage Note 10+ is a much better long-term investment. I never worried about running out of storage, which doesn't happen with Pixels 4 XL

Continuing on the subject of hardware, the fingerprint reader on the screen is very good and I have no problems with it. Quick to authenticate and reliable in daily use, and works well with face lock. Elsewhere, the stereo sound makes it very nice to play and watch videos on the phone. Than Note 10+ works great for multimedia playback thanks to the large screen and bright colors.

Yes, you pay a premium for Note 10+, but you get the best hardware available in the industry. With that comes the peace of mind that you get a phone that will last several years easily.

Samsung releases Android 10 update for Note More than 10 at the end of December, introducing several new features and subtle tweaks to the user interface. A UI 2 is definitely a step in the right direction, and it's nice to see that Samsung takes user feedback seriously and gets real benefit in this area.

Samsung is investing in its own navigation and navigation system, and with One UI 2.0 you have a choice between three styles: the previous three button design, the One UI 1.0 Samsung gesture, or the new Android 10 movement. an original screen recorder, and Samsung now uses a native Android 10 wide dark mode system, ensuring that more apps automatically run in dark mode.

It took several months for Samsung to roll out the Android 10 update, but it has done an extraordinary job providing monthly security updates and bug fixes.

Differentiator for Note the series has become the S Pen, and Note 10+ stylus has taken on more features. I will be honest here; I have not used the S Pen regularly for the past four months. My use is limited to two things: using it as a remote shutter button and switching between front and rear cameras, and making handwritten notes during product orientation. In both scenarios, the S Pen has worked perfectly.

Another area that I have no problem with is battery life. Than Note 10+ continues to ship more than a day of use without failure, and the battery life is generally reliable enough that I never worry about devices running out of power before the end of the day. What's really cool is the fact that it now has a 45W fast charge, and while I regularly use a 25W charger with my phone, I can charge my device from 100% flat in just an hour, and that's more than enough. for my use case

Complementing the hardware features is Samsung Pay, which continues to be the most fluid cellular payment service. I especially like the fact that it works with POS machines that don't have NFC, and I routinely lose features when I change Samsung phones. Samsung should really license the feature to other manufacturers, but most likely it doesn't provide unique hardware requirements (there's a special roll on the back Note 10+ which allows Samsung Pay to use MST).

Finally we got to the camera Note 10+. Samsung hasn't made any changes to the S10 series, and while the overall image quality isn't as good as the Pixel 4 XL, nor is it feature-rich like the P30 Pro, it's a reliable workhorse.

Galaxy Note 10+ What is not too good

With Google even switching to a 90Hz panel, Samsung lost the boat by using a normal 60Hz screen on Note 10+. A 90Hz high refresh rate panel will improve this device, but it looks like we have to wait until Note 11 then certain characteristics appear.

Samsung should stop messing with basic hardware features and leave the power button where it should be – on the right side of the phone.

The only other problem I have when it comes to hardware is the position of the power button. I finally got used to the button on the left side but then switched to Pixel 4 Bring XL and a week realize that the phone doesn't turn on by pressing the button to turn down the volume. I go back to Note 10+ and once again I realized how annoying it was to find the power button on the wrong side of the phone.

I'm also upset about the fact that Note 10+ do not have a 3.5mm jack. Do not misunderstand; However, Samsung is far from the only manufacturer to do this. Note The series always serves strong users. This is a cell phone that has all the features, and there is no point in Samsung removing the analog connector.

Actually, there is no reason for Samsung to remove the connector here; It has offered water resistance with a jack that's been intact for years, and the battery isn't much larger to ensure displacement. But the industry as a whole seems to be planning to switch to Bluetooth, and Samsung is following the package here. That is, if you want an audio cable, LG is really the only brand left, but it doesn't seem like a viable option anymore.

Galaxy Note 10+ Four months later

I ended up using a lot of phones in 2019 and four featured devices: the Oneplus 7T, Galaxy S10 +, P30 Pro and Galaxy Note 10+. It's hard to pick just one, but the fact that Samsung has two devices on the list illustrates just how dominant the cell phone is. There are many things that are liked from both the hardware and the software side, and although features like the 90Hz panel will make it a more attractive device, the quality of the screen only compensates for some negligence.

Than Note 10+ is the default option if you are looking for a clue in the current Huawei situation in the US. USA With the US government. USA It won't change anytime soon, and Google's bug in the hardware makes Pixel 4 XL non-proprietary. If you want a high-end cell phone with rugged hardware and a beautiful display, you should take it Note 10+. A 2.0 user interface is freezing up the cake, with Samsung offering exciting new features while making further improvements to its user interface.

4 out of 5

Four months later Galaxy Note 10+ is one of the best phones available today. This phone has an amazing AMOLED screen with bright colors, strong internal hardware combined with large memory and internal storage, all-day battery life and fast charging. Then there is Samsung Pay, S Pen, work biometrics, reliable cameras, and regular updates.

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